Good Morning Scottish Land Question: Again!

Here follows my last Land Reform Review Group post for a while, I promise.

This morning I reprised my role as land reform radio commentator, with the material available via “listen again” at about the 44 minute mark (until it stops being there whenever the Beeb take it away) for those who were not up before 07.00 to hear me. I was fairly happy with how it went, as were most of my colleagues who heard me, although as always seems to be the case just when you feel you are in your stride an abrupt “thank you very much” very politely cuts you off. What do you mean the whole of Scotland doesn’t find land reform as interesting as me and there are other things in the news?

So responses to the Call for Evidence were due today. On finishing at Beechgrove Terrace (of the urban garden fame – there might be an urban land reform point there…) I finally sent off my finalised response, again with one or two tweaks from what I had previously said I would submit. Thank goodness for the deadline to guillotine any further inclination I might have to tinker. Also working hard to get a post in to the LRRG was author and campaigner Andy Wightman. From some of his tweets it sounded like his submission was going to be the classic “back of a fag packet” job, but it is anything but. I mean, it has pictures! If credibility is to be measured by pictures, I lose and Andy wins. Andy is hosting his posts and various others over at his blog. Why not go and have a look.

Finally, if you find any mistakes in my response, by all means tell me, but be aware I may angrily gesticulate at you for not telling me sooner.


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