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Title conditions and the right to buy

The Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003 is not a very exciting piece of legislation to some, so those readers will be grateful this is a very short piece. As avid real burden spotters will know, the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee began … Continue reading

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Orkney, Shetland, uti possidetis and the #indyref

A mini-blog, adding coverage to an issue that perhaps does not merit the coverage it has obtained already (see this robust Wings Over Scotland blog for an articulation of that view). The idea of home-rule for Shetland and/or Orkney has … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell at the Supreme Court

Salvesen v Riddell is an important case, not just for those immediately involved with the dispute or indeed for those involved in Scottish agriculture more generally. I have blogged about it before. It relates to a not uncomplicated reform in … Continue reading

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Aberdeen Law Project AGM 2013

I was torn between two titles for this blog. A functional option 1 was the winner. Option 2 was an obscure mouthful, “Pro bono student law clinics, horses, the Forth bridge and stuck records,” which now survives as something of … Continue reading

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Human rights: an #indyref angle

Human rights are a big deal. You should not need me to tell you that, nor should you need a showcase event like The Gathering 2013 to publicise that. Imagine having to choose your favourite right, as per my recent … Continue reading

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