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An unexpected diagnosis, an unorthodox birthday and an unwelcome tumour

Some of you will be aware of my previous writings, whether on this roughly year old WordPress site or maybe even from a more “learned” source like a legal journal. On the basis that I have not yet achieved rock-star … Continue reading

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Still droning after one year

One year ago, I wrote this piece. There, I explained why I felt the need to take up the virtual pen. One year on, I still seem to be doing it. I won’t revisit the reasons I listed a year … Continue reading

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IJCLE Conference 2013 – Sharing Across Models of Experiential Clinical Legal Education

Welcome to another of my slightly self-indulgent, personal insight reservoir blogs, complete with a rather wordy title. I am not in any way sorry for that, so if you do not have at least a passing interest in clinical legal … Continue reading

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