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On agricultural holdings in Scotland and a call for simplification

In a recent blog, I criticised myself for being that annoying person who brings problems rather than solutions. It is always tempting to be the heckler, but the heckler has an easy job, or at least a job that lacks … Continue reading

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The Pairc buyout – is the end in sight?

The land struggle at Pairc, on the east coast of the Isle of Lewis, has rumbled for some time. In fact, it is tricky to know from which date to start the story. For present purposes, I will exclude the … Continue reading

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Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

A mini-blog, to acknowledge a new development in the world of Scots land law reform, namely today’s announcement of “New powers for Scotland’s communities” which announcement coincides with the launch of a new consultation on community empowerment. To re-hash the … Continue reading

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