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Combeback: my 2014 in review

BBC Radio Scotland’s current jingle begins with the dramatic words, ‘IN A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER…’ I suppose that will need to be updated for 2015. Then again, you could make an argument to retain the dramatic, yet simultaneously blindingly … Continue reading

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If England gets English Votes for English Laws, can Scotland have 72 MPs again?

This is a short, speculative post, inspired by some recent conversation with an English constitutional lawyer. In this post, I make what is traditionally an unpopular argument. I am about to argue for MORE politicians. Please hear me out. The … Continue reading

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Get off that land – some academic meandering in the Juridical Review

Another quick “signpost” blog, to direct any readers interested in access rights to my article “Get off that land – Non-owner regulation of access to land” in the most recent edition of the Juridical Review. (NB that link is to … Continue reading

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Selling intra-curricular clinical legal education in The Law Teacher

A very quick “signpost” blog, to direct any readers interested in clinical legal education to my article ‘Selling intra-curricular clinical legal education’ (£ – but see below) in the most recent edition of The Law Teacher. Here is the abstract … Continue reading

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Talking about land reform

Scotland is now talking about land reform. A new Consultation on the Future of Land Reform in Scotland, which follows on from the programme for government launched last week, gives interested parties until 10 February 2015 to respond on its … Continue reading

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