Improving transparency in land ownership in Scotland: a consultation on controlling interests in land

A mini-blog, on transparency of landownership* in Scotland.

This is a matter I have commented on before (see, for example, here).

There is recent Scottish legislation on this topic. Part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 gives a skeletal scheme designed to furnish information about who controls the owner or in some cases a tenant of land in Scotland. Regulations are needed to flesh out that scheme. The Scottish Government is now consulting on the associated regulations.

I put in my response (PDF) today. I was stirred into action by fellow legal blogger Neil King: I noticed he had blogged about his response to the consultation exercise and I commend his post to you. (I leaned on his response a couple of times in my own.)

I have written quite a lot about this topic now and – perhaps as a result of being scunnered, more than anything else – I almost let this consultation pass my by. In the end I decided I had better put something in, but my scunneredness means I will not say too much more in this post and leave my (selective) response to speak for itself.

The consultation closes on Monday 5 December.

*For no reason, I note the Scottish Government opted for “land ownership” rather than “landownership”. I have tracked that wording in the title to this post.


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