Land Rights and Land Responsibilities: An Audience with the Chair of the new Scottish Land Commission

The University of Aberdeen’s May Festival 2017 runs from 26 to 28 May.

I am delighted to be playing a part in a free event on Friday 26 May at 14:30, which is explained as follows.

In one of the first public events of the new Scottish Land Commission, its Chair Andrew Thin will introduce the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Analysing what it and the new Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 mean for the management, use and regulation of land in Scotland.  The discussion will be opened up to an expert panel, led by Malcolm Combe.

Ticket Price: FREE/Booking Required

Venue: King’s Conference Centre

This will look at land reform in Scotland, with a special focus on the land rights and responsibilities statement (which I blogged about here). I will welcome Andrew Thin, the Chair of the Scottish Land Commission. This is a Non-Parliamentary Departmental Body (a “quango”, in old money) established by the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016, which has been operational since 1 April 2017. Mr Thin will give us his take on the new organisation before being joined by an expert panel comprising Andrew McCornick (the President of NFU Scotland), Annie McKee (of the James Hutton Institute) and Anne-Michelle Slater (who happens to be my Head of School, but also a worthy panellist in her own right).

I am hoping to attract as diverse an audience as possible. Those involved explicitly with the discussions should bring something for: the lawyers (me); those with sectoral interests (I suppose most specifically agriculture, but other sectors by analogy, via Andrew McCornick); geographers (via Annie McKee); and planners (via Anne-Michelle Slater). If those topics do not pique your interest, audience participation will of course be encouraged, and as such do come along with your own questions on whatever you think is relevant to Scotland’s land. If you cannot make it on the day, please consider commenting below with a question, and I can use such questions at the event in the (I think unlikely) event that discussion stalls.

You can book for free online here.



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