SULCN Conference 2017: Beyond the Campus

On Wednesday 7 June 2017, the sixth annual conference of the Scottish University Law Clinic Network will take place at Glasgow Caledonian University.

This is a short blog (sign)post to direct you to other resources about the conference, namely the information page hosted at the GCU Law blog (with speaker biographies here) and the free booking resource available via EventBrite here.

As a reminder, SULCN is an organisation that brings together the various pro bono activities at the Scottish universities, as detailed here. This year’s event is about whether and (if so) how law clinics can move “beyond the campus”.

It would be great to see you there, both to hear about any ideas interested parties might have for Scottish law clinics, and also to showcase what some of our law clinics are up to. For those that cannot make it, I will be undertaking my usual tweeting on the day (from the @SULCN Twitter account) and thereafter will try to capture my tweets and the tweets of other delegates in a Storify story.

About basedrones

Bachelor of Laws. Scots lawyer working at the University of Aberdeen. English law qualified. Took far too long to write this bio. Blogs on legal issues, with occasional veering into other purportedly intellectual stuff from time to time. Tweets about legal issues, education, law clinics, fitba, music, rogue cell division and not at all about politics at @MalcolmCombe.
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