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Brexit Day

It’s Brexit Day, and I don’t know what to say. There is of course the school of thought that it is always preferable to have something to say rather than feel the need to just say something, but here I … Continue reading

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The management of wild deer in Scotland: Deer Working Group report

The Scottish Government has just published the final report of the Deer Working Group, as detailed in this news release. The report is available as a PDF here. I was one of two external advisers to the group. Needless to … Continue reading

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“Funding civil justice in Scotland: full cost recovery, at what cost to justice?”, an article for the Edinburgh Law Review

Another self-promotional blog post. I am not even sorry. This is because the post relates to a co-authored article I am pretty proud of. This is accordingly one of those sign post blog posts that I sometimes do. In this … Continue reading

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Regulating short-term lets in Scotland

Short-term letting of property is something that has been written about widely in recent years in a variety of jurisdictions. Scotland is no exception, with the two geographic pinch points of Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye featuring regularly in … Continue reading

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“From the Field: Some Notes on the ‘Clinics and SQE – what next?’ Conference about the New Route to Qualifying as a Solicitor in England and Wales”, a piece for the IJCLE

This blog post does not have the snappiest title I have ever crafted, I grant you, but I am being wordy for a reason. My reason is this is one of my sign posts, that is to say this is … Continue reading

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