Brexit Day

It’s Brexit Day, and I don’t know what to say.

There is of course the school of thought that it is always preferable to have something to say rather than feel the need to just say something, but here I go, tapping away on my keyboard.

I’ve written about Brexit on this blog before, most recently here (where I recall a moment from the 2014 Scottish independence referendum campaign when I canvassed some Polish folk who were worried about iScotland’s place in the EU. Yeah, about that…) Anyone who follows this blog or my Twitter account will have noted that I would have been quite content for Brexit to have been derailed by some intervening democratic event. That clearly hasn’t happened and the 2016 mandate is being fulfilled. So be it, and I get it. If there had been a 52/48 vote in favour of Scottish independence that had gone unimplemented I would have been fair scunnered. In top platitude mode, we are where we are. And, as noted in that earlier blog post, we are all Brexiteers now.

Maybe it sticks in the craw, that. Today, though, it doesn’t matter. We are all Brexiteers now.

The first time I heard that phrase in person was back in 2017, when Peter Chapman MSP and I (plus a few others) took part in a panel debate for the P&J on Brexit and Land Reform over at Thainstone. Peter spoke before me in that event, and I offered a short response, in which I (politely) reserved the right to not quite call myself a Brexiteer just yet, but here we are three years later.

What now, then? We try to make the best of it. I’ll stay friends with all the lovely people I’ve met as a result of the European project, and ensure auld acquaintances are not forgot. I’ll hope we get a decent deal after the transition period. I’ll keep a close eye on what is happening regarding Scotland. For now though, I’ll plod on. There’s nothing else for it, really.



What’s that? Were you expecting an inspirational conclusion? Sorry, I don’t have one. This might be a Brexit metaphor.

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Bachelor of Laws. Scots lawyer working at the University of Aberdeen. English law qualified. Took far too long to write this bio. Blogs on legal issues, with occasional veering into other purportedly intellectual stuff from time to time. Tweets about legal issues, education, law clinics, fitba, music, rogue cell division and not at all about politics at @MalcolmCombe.
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