Strathclyde Non-Law Review

In these locked down times, it seems more important than ever to try to stay in touch with people. For those involved in higher education, as a bare minimum you want to keep classes and, where relevant, assessments rolling. I think the team at Strathclyde Law School and the wider uni have managed to just about do that. Props to all the support and IT staff who have played a part in this process, and thanks to the students for their forbearance and adaptability throughout.

Higher education is not just about teaching and exams though. It is also about something more, such as being part of a community, and having an ethos. With that in mind, my colleague Michael Randall has assumed an unofficial role of chief morale officer for the Law School. As part of this he instigated a virtual dissertation hand-in ceremony for our final year students (Twitter thread here; other platforms are also available). Another key strand of this is the online Strathclyde Non-Law Review. On its homepage, it is described as…

…a place where staff and students share their reviews and recommendations of books, films, TV shows, music and podcasts for others, to try and find something new to discover

I’ve offered a couple of posts. The first of these was a re-hash of an earlier piece by me on perfect songs, so there is nothing new there for the hardcore basedrones fans. My more recent post is about fitba; more specifically, the Sunderland ‘Til I Die docuseries.

The Strathclyde Non-Law Review is, of course, mainly aimed at Strathclyders, but you don’t need to log-in to access it or anything like that. As such, if anyone is seeking a displacement activity, you can now read something by me about a displacement activity, which I myself wrote as a displacement activity. You can also lose yourself in Professor Kenneth Norrie’s garden, an activity I highly recommend.

Strathclyde Non-Law Review


About basedrones

Bachelor of Laws. Scots lawyer working at the University of Aberdeen. English law qualified. Took far too long to write this bio. Blogs on legal issues, with occasional veering into other purportedly intellectual stuff from time to time. Tweets about legal issues, education, law clinics, fitba, music, rogue cell division and not at all about politics at @MalcolmCombe.
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