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Some thoughts on legal blogging, with reference to raptor persecution, surveillance and access to land

As mentioned on this blog before, I have a role in relation to the School of Law at the University of Aberdeen’s blog. This has been a useful forum for colleagues and for me, with a number of spin-offs in … Continue reading

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My 2016 in Review

Another year, yet another reflective blog post. 2016 has been quite a year, eh? From an apparent glut of celebrity deaths, to the UK vote for Brexit, to the US vote for Trump, there is plenty to write about. I … Continue reading

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My 2015 in Review

Another year, another reflective blog post. I do plan to keep this post short though, as 2015 has – on one analysis – been gloriously uneventful. My Hogmanay 2013 blog was written in very different circumstances and with just a … Continue reading

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Combeback: my 2014 in review

BBC Radio Scotland’s current jingle begins with the dramatic words, ‘IN A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER…’ I suppose that will need to be updated for 2015. Then again, you could make an argument to retain the dramatic, yet simultaneously blindingly … Continue reading

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Still droning after one year

One year ago, I wrote this piece. There, I explained why I felt the need to take up the virtual pen. One year on, I still seem to be doing it. I won’t revisit the reasons I listed a year … Continue reading

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