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Ownership, shares and fitba

BBC Sport recently reported a decidedly business oriented story: Rangers withdraw rights of four shareholders. The ongoing shenanigans at Ibrox have attracted plenty commentary (including some on this blog), whilst showcasing aspects of Scots (and UK) law to an interested … Continue reading

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A right to buy for fans of Scottish football clubs

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill is not a likely candidate as a topic for talk of the terraces. Recent Green Party amendments to that Bill as it passed through Stage 2 of the Committee process at Holyrood might just change that, … Continue reading

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Putting the fans in control

On 23 January the Scottish Green Party put forward plans to give football fans a right to acquire their clubs in certain circumstances. Alison Johnstone (a list MSP for the Lothians) has produced a document entitled “Putting the fans in … Continue reading

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Winding-up football clubs and stakeholder scepticism

I have dabbled in a law meets football blog before. My most visited blog (by some distance) was this post about the DUFC v RFC football match. After all the build-up to the game in question, Dundee United won 3-0 … Continue reading

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SPL reform: a thought on the Middle 8

A mini-blog, on a thought that occurred to me in relation to all of this football reform chat that is still doing the rounds in football. Here I draw on some BBC resources. First, the story detailing the proposed 12-12-18 … Continue reading

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Board games? I am a fan

This blog could have been entitled “Community ownership in football – a reply to the Billy Dodds”, but I opted for a play on an headline appearing in the Sport section of the Sunday Herald. Now why would I be … Continue reading

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Ownership, Land and Fitba

Imagine the scene. You are in a café. You have bought a drink. Your friend suggests you should not drink it. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because he is a fan of the drink. Your friend, … Continue reading

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Boycotts and a director’s duty to promote the success of a company

I have been blogging since August. I have been writing for longer than that. I have been following football for even longer than that. With a little trepidation, I am about to blog about a football issue, arguably the fitba … Continue reading

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