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Scottish Landlord and Tenant Law and the Coronavirus (Scotland) (No.2) Act

Here comes another blog post that does not have a hidden message of any sort. It’s just about the most recent coronavirus statute passed by the Scottish Parliament, with a particular focus on landlord and tenant law. If this is … Continue reading

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Land Registration in Scotland and Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented in living memory UK public health measures that have followed in its wake have caused ripples in a variety of regulatory areas. I have already blogged about two such areas, namely landlord and tenant … Continue reading

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Scottish Evictions and the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill was published today. It is available on the Scottish Parliament website here (PDF here). Section 2 – the first substantive provision of the bill (with section 1 doing the microbiological needful and defining what is meant … Continue reading

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Responsible access to the outdoors in Scotland in a time of crisis

There are so many important things happening in the country right now. I am not for a moment going to pretend that the Scottish right of responsible access to land is anywhere near even the middle of any rankings that … Continue reading

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Wildcat Haven v Wightman – Defamation

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service’s website has today published a ruling in a case that I have been watching like a hawk for what seems like an age. The Court of Session case of Wildcat Haven Enterprises CIC v … Continue reading

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Regulating short-term lets in Scotland

Short-term letting of property is something that has been written about widely in recent years in a variety of jurisdictions. Scotland is no exception, with the two geographic pinch points of Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye featuring regularly in … Continue reading

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Scottish Gaelic in Scottish Courts

I’m going to do that thing where I write in English about Gaelic. Three reasons might be offered for this transgression, such as it is, in no particular order. Gaelic coverage of the issue I am discussing is available elsewhere, … Continue reading

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Rural housing burdens over rural land (but what is rural land?)

Who wants to read a blog post about rural housing burdens and a slight hiccup in the legislation relating to them? You do? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The rural housing burden is a legal device that has … Continue reading

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Lord Lovat’s Land Access Lament

I’ve been interested in access to land for long enough now that my friends, online contacts, students, and even occasional randoms bring access-related signs and placards put in place by land managers or news reports of access disputes to my … Continue reading

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The Tenement Management Scheme, scheme decisions about secure entry systems, and a smattering of teaching nostalgia

The title for this blog post was something I mulled over for a while. After thinking about this for far too long, I opted for what can fairly be described as a boringly accurate title. So be it. It’s my … Continue reading

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