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Access to land and access to justice: the #indycamp at the Court of Session (and still at Holyrood, for now)

On 5 May 2016 Lord Turnbull issued his Opinion in the petition of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body against “The Sovereign Indigenous Peoples of Scotland” and a Mr Arthur McManus Gemmell. The petitioner owns the Scottish Parliament’s real estate in Edinburgh. … Continue reading

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10 February 2015 was an unexpectedly busy Tuesday for some Scots land lawyers. It all started when social media oddity @loveandgarbage (since retired) replied to a promoted tweet from @Highland_Titles. I interjected with a bit of chat. I don’t think … Continue reading

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RACCE Committee Stage 1 Report on the Land Reform Bill

First, an apology to any land reform fans out there. I have been a bit remiss in my blogging and this is my first chance to offer a select few words on the Stage 1 Report of the Rural Affairs, Climate … Continue reading

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What is happening at Colstoun Mains? Land reform and agricultural holdings in microcosm

Martinmas is the latest of the four Scottish quarter days in the calendar year. It might not be a day or a date known to many – by statute it falls on 28 November – but those involved in Scots … Continue reading

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Highland Titles Scam

The title for this blog is modelled on the website *EDIT 23 August 2016 – that url now directs to a suitably bland website. Some of the original content at that URL is archived here* Despite the url, it … Continue reading

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The best Twitter exchange about souvenir plots in Scots law you will ever read

Today’s lesson in Scots land law is provided by loveandgarbage, some legally minded/interested folks on Twitter, a Channel Islands company called Highland Titles and me. I offer this Storify for your enjoyment.

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Body matters

As readers of this blog will know, I have taken to cathartic writing about medical matters. Today, I think I have reached peak-catharsis, by contributing an article to the online section of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland … Continue reading

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