Storify Archive

It was recently announced that Storify and its stories are to be no more.

I have used Storify over the years and I am sorry to hear of its retiral.

Its primary use to me was as a means to bring together tweets and other resources from conferences. I also used it on occasion to thread tweets together before threading became an actual thing on Twitter dot com. (My guess is the fact Twitter offers threading on its own removes one of Storify’s key draws.) I also used it to bring together tweets on ad hoc subjects, most notably in relation to souvenir plots and Gaelic.

Heck, I liked my Storify resource so much I even fought an intellectual property fight to keep a story online. (And “won”, without needing to litigate matters in the States.)

Anyway, it now transpires the powers-that-be for Storify have decided to do what a DMCA Notice could not do and takedown that story, and indeed my other stories. I have been in touch with the support team at Storify and it seems there is no way of maintaining the contents at their existing URLs. For fear of losing access to these collections, I have sought to archive them as best I can using There may be a better way to export these but for the moment this will suffice.*

Here are my Storify stories in date order. (Youngest to oldest.)

  1. Nothing so Practical as a Good Theory: #Grettonfest
  2. IJCLE Conference 2017
  3. Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2017
  4. #AbdnLand: Land reform at the University of Aberdeen
  5. Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2016
  6. Putting the justice into social justice
  7. Gaelic on Twitter
  8. Scotland’s Land
  9. Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2015
  10. Studies in Private Law for David Carey Miller
  11. Aberdeen Law Project Lecture 2015
  12. Buy land in Scotland… style yourself as Lord or Lady of Glencoe! Or something.
  13. Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2014
  14. Local Government, Competence and Scottish Independence
  15. The Men Who Own Scotland
  16. IJCLE Conference 2013
  17. Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2013
  18. Students and access to justice
  19. Another Ginger Storify, starring Frank Turner
  20. Rocking, rolling and Twitter squatting

*UPDATE 13 February 2018: I have now moved my Storify stories over to Wakelet, at