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Access to land, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly: the endgame for the #indycamp

The #indycamp at Holyrood is on borrowed time. That much is clear, now that the Court of Session judgment of Lord Turnbull has been published. (See also the BBC News report here.) I think it would be fair to say … Continue reading

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Access to land and access to justice: the #indycamp at the Court of Session (and still at Holyrood, for now)

On 5 May 2016 Lord Turnbull issued his Opinion in the petition of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body against “The Sovereign Indigenous Peoples of Scotland” and a Mr Arthur McManus Gemmell. The petitioner owns the Scottish Parliament’s real estate in Edinburgh. … Continue reading

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Wild camping in Edinburgh: some thoughts on the #indycamp

In the days before I had my own blog, I contributed an article about wild camping in a city centre to a Scots legal website called The Firm Online. The Firm is decidedly not online at the moment (its old … Continue reading

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What is happening at Colstoun Mains? Land reform and agricultural holdings in microcosm

Martinmas is the latest of the four Scottish quarter days in the calendar year. It might not be a day or a date known to many – by statute it falls on 28 November – but those involved in Scots … Continue reading

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Is it because we don’t sound Scottish?

This question has been asked, apparently in all seriousness, by a landowner* in a recent Spectator article. A lot could be said about that article. I will restrict myself to one point in this blog, namely taking one straw man … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Resolution – Salvesen v Riddell

When a court judgment is released by the Court of Session, it is now given a “neutral citation”. This begins with the year [in square brackets], either “CSOH” or “CSIH” (depending on whether it was the Outer or Inner House), … Continue reading

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Powers old and new: or, land reform hits the headlines

This is a blog in two parts, on the powers of the Scottish Parliament as at: 1) 27 November 2014; and 2) some future date when (or if) the Smith Commission’s proposals are enacted. Powers Old The Scottish Government’s Programme for … Continue reading

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