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IJCLE Conference 2013 – Sharing Across Models of Experiential Clinical Legal Education

Welcome to another of my slightly self-indulgent, personal insight reservoir blogs, complete with a rather wordy title. I am not in any way sorry for that, so if you do not have at least a passing interest in clinical legal … Continue reading

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Scottish University Law Clinic Network 2013

In June 2012, some intrepid Scottish law students and supportive non-students were involved in the first Scottish University Law Clinic Network event at the University of the West of Scotland. This brought together the five law schools hosting active student … Continue reading

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Being a student again

Set a thief to catch a thief. A poacher turned gamekeeper. It is always useful to get another perspective on a job you think you know and that sometimes happens by adopting another role. Simulation and role play can only … Continue reading

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Summer placement tips for law students

UPDATE October 2014 – Tods Murray LLP went into administration earlier this month. I hope this was nothing to do with my blogging. Happily, I extracted my blog before the Tods Murray website disappeared. Are you a law student seeking … Continue reading

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Student Attitudes to Clinical Legal Education – Survey

I have posted a new page (if that makes sense, in WordPress terminology). It used to be a blog post, but it dominated far too much of my blog “feed”, so I have rendered it as a standalone page. Do … Continue reading

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Aberdeen Law Project AGM 2013

I was torn between two titles for this blog. A functional option 1 was the winner. Option 2 was an obscure mouthful, “Pro bono student law clinics, horses, the Forth bridge and stuck records,” which now survives as something of … Continue reading

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Clinical Legal Education: My reflections on the Form and Funding event at LSBU

I have blogged about my interest in clinical legal education and pro bono publico student law clinics a number of times (see here, here and, for good measure, my Streetlaw blog here). A developing interest in terms of my pedagogical study is … Continue reading

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