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Brexit and #indyref2: now what?

If there is one thing Scotland does not need today, it is another hot take on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s #indyref2 announcement. As such, I will keep this post short. The speech by Sturgeon today, in both tone and content, … Continue reading

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Brexit and #indyref2: what now?

In the aftermath of the Scottish #indyref, I announced a hiatus from any overtly political blogging. In the aftermath of the UK vote to leave the European Union, I suspended that hiatus when I posted some reflections on that referendum. … Continue reading

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The Scottish Universities Legal Network on Europe: Position Papers

The United Kingdom’s referendum vote to leave the European Union raises many legal questions for Scotland and the other UK jurisdictions about the implementation and implications of Brexit. One initiative that aims to consider these questions is the Scottish Universities Legal … Continue reading

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Some reflections on the EU Referendum and a note on #indyref2

The UK has opted for Brexit, that much we know. There is still much that needs to happen before the UK extricates itself from the European Union. Domestic politics might yet intervene to stop Brexit. We shall see, but the … Continue reading

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Why I am voting Yes in the Scottish independence referendum

Congratulations, you have read past the headline. I hope you will stay with me for the rest of this post, but I appreciate many people – of either Yes Scotland or Better Together persuasion – have already read quite enough. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the plans to bring wolves back to the Highlands

On page 3 of today’s Sunday Herald, there was a full page article headed “Call of the wild: millionaire has plans to bring wolves back to the Highlands” which is also available at the reporter Rob Edwards’ blog. The story … Continue reading

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Legal advice, or the lack thereof, about an independent Scotland in the EU

It has been an interesting day for the SNP. Two MSPs have resigned the party whip over a change to the traditional opposition to NATO. The responses to the referendum consultation (regarding the question(s) and the franchise for the referendum … Continue reading

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