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That pesky thing called judicial review

Judicial review, eh? I mean, what a bind. Having to deal with NIMBYs getting in the way of capital projects, and all that. Imagine, then, my relief that ‘David Cameron has promised to crack down on “time-wasting” caused by the … Continue reading

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Hype Cycles and Legislation

Have you heard of Gartner Hype Cycles? Technology geeks who stumble across this blog will probably splutter “of course!” in response to this ridiculous question, but law geeks might respond with a polite but confused shrug. I had certainly never … Continue reading

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Harming Scots Law

“Holyrood ‘has harmed’ Scots law”. That, at least, is what a BBC headline proclaimed in its report of comments by a well known, respected and livewire Scots legal commentator Alastair Bonnington. His initial comments in the Times (presumably available behind … Continue reading

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