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Scottish Affairs Committee – Land Reform in Scotland: Interim Report

Last week, the Scottish Affairs Committee published its Interim Report (PDF) on land reform in Scotland. This (Westminster) report – which is not to be confused with the (Holyrood) Land Reform Review Group‘s interim report – builds on the input of … Continue reading

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Putting the fans in control

On 23 January the Scottish Green Party put forward plans to give football fans a right to acquire their clubs in certain circumstances. Alison Johnstone (a list MSP for the Lothians) has produced a document entitled “Putting the fans in … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell appealed to the Supreme Court

Remember that case I wrote and blogged about (on one or two occasions) where legislation of the Scottish Parliament was held to be non-compliant with Article 1, Protocol 1 of the ECHR? Well, news outlets are now reporting that Salvesen … Continue reading

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The legal status of “sustainable development” and “public interest”

Some blogs essentially write themselves, albeit with the aid of a bit of copy & paste. This is such a blog. Yesterday, I blogged on the rather important Court of Session case of Pairc Crofters Limited and Pairc Renewables Limited … Continue reading

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