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Some reflections on the “Land reform in Scotland: legal, historical and policy perspectives” #AbdnLand event

This is a blog post offering some personal reflections on the public lecture and conference held at the University of Aberdeen on 25 and 26 August 2016. This programme was probably the first big-ticket academic/practitioner get-together that “I” organised “myself”. … Continue reading

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Summer placement tips for law students

UPDATE October 2014 – Tods Murray LLP went into administration earlier this month. I hope this was nothing to do with my blogging. Happily, I extracted my blog before the Tods Murray website disappeared. Are you a law student seeking … Continue reading

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Student Attitudes to Clinical Legal Education – Survey

I have posted a new page (if that makes sense, in WordPress terminology). It used to be a blog post, but it dominated far too much of my blog “feed”, so I have rendered it as a standalone page. Do … Continue reading

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The International Client Consultation Competition – a judge’s reflections

On 4 and 5 April 2013, I acted as a judge in the preliminary rounds of the Brown-Mosten International Client Consultation Competition (the ICCC) at the University of Glasgow. What follows is a very personal set of reflections and insights … Continue reading

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Reflecting on/in legal education

Mini-blog time, which is essentially me plugging my article on reflection as part of the learning process that is in the online section of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. If reflective practice in learning and teaching is … Continue reading

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