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Thoughts on Stage 1 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

Last week I made a submission to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee of the Scottish Parliament, responding to its Call for Evidence at Stage 1 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill. That submission and 153 others are available online … Continue reading

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Land Reform in Review – Aberdeen Symposium

The King once suggested that we might all benefit from a little less conversation and a little more action. As is well known, the King in question was Elvis Presley. What is less well known is that he was talking … Continue reading

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Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

A mini-blog, to acknowledge a new development in the world of Scots land law reform, namely today’s announcement of “New powers for Scotland’s communities” which announcement coincides with the launch of a new consultation on community empowerment. To re-hash the … Continue reading

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Land Reform Review Group Interim Report

Four months after the ultimate deadline for responses to the Call for Evidence of the Land Reform Review Group (LRRG), the first tangible output of the LRRG has emerged in the form of an Interim Report published on 20 May 2013. Also … Continue reading

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Scottish Court Closures – BBC Radio Scotland Coverage

For the next five days, you can hear me on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Out of Doors” programme via the iPlayer. I secured this gig as a result of this blog. I start about one minute in. I manage to go … Continue reading

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Consultation, consultation, consultation: on land use and allotments

The Scottish land question, eh? I mean, it keeps getting asked. This blog is a short but convoluted story about the land questions the Scottish Government keeps asking. First, there came the exploratory consultation on the Community Empowerment and Renewal … Continue reading

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The comedian Al Murray has developed several niches in his career, such as his quintessentially English pub landlord or his feckless Harry Hill sidekick. Another niche that he spends some of his Twitter time exploring is #notnews, i.e. stories that … Continue reading

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