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Going Between the United Kingdom and the European Union

The past is a different country: they do things differently there. So begins L. P. Hartley’s The Go-Between. With due deference to that author, so begins this blog post, looking back on the different country of 2014. In the latter … Continue reading

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Research on interventions to manage land markets and limit the concentration of land ownership

The Scottish Land Commission has just published a Report which it commissioned on interventions to manage land markets and limit the concentration of land ownership in places other than Scotland. It can be accessed here (PDF here). It draws insights … Continue reading

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Brexit and #indyref2: now what?

If there is one thing Scotland does not need today, it is another hot take on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s #indyref2 announcement. As such, I will keep this post short. The speech by Sturgeon today, in both tone and content, … Continue reading

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Some reflections on the “Land reform in Scotland: legal, historical and policy perspectives” #AbdnLand event

This is a blog post offering some personal reflections on the public lecture and conference held at the University of Aberdeen on 25 and 26 August 2016. This programme was probably the first big-ticket academic/practitioner get-together that “I” organised “myself”. … Continue reading

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The Environmental Implications of Redistributive Land Reform

This is first and foremost a signpost blog, to link to the open access version of an article I recently contributed to the Environmental Law Review. Here is the abstract, which sets out the coverage of my analysis. Ownership of … Continue reading

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Scots Law at the Association for Law, Property and Society Conference 2016

This is a signpost blog, to highlight a forthcoming event about [Scots] property law. The event is taking place on 20-21 May 2016 in Belfast and the Scottish element is detailed in this blog by Dr. Jill Robbie of the … Continue reading

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Powers old and new: or, land reform hits the headlines

This is a blog in two parts, on the powers of the Scottish Parliament as at: 1) 27 November 2014; and 2) some future date when (or if) the Smith Commission’s proposals are enacted. Powers Old The Scottish Government’s Programme for … Continue reading

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