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The end of a marathon journey

In distance terms, a marathon is 26.2 miles, whereas in common usage the word “marathon” can mean much more than that finite measurement. The word can also be used as a modifier, such that (for example) a task or activity … Continue reading

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A marathon journey

Like most things I say or write, this blog is an extension of my personality. The extent to which it reflects my own rather than my apparently academic personality has varied from time to time. Law has tended to feature … Continue reading

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One year, all clear

29 January 2014. I wake up early. I didn’t sleep well, what with being in a strange (hospital) bed and sharing a room with others, not to mention the expectation of today’s events. Perhaps I stole a few hours’ sleep. … Continue reading

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Body matters

As readers of this blog will know, I have taken to cathartic writing about medical matters. Today, I think I have reached peak-catharsis, by contributing an article to the online section of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland … Continue reading

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A small story about a massive pulmonary embolism

2 September 2013. I have not been outside in over a week. Limited variety has been provided when I have shuffled from place to place and room to room, as various people prodded me, jagged me, scanned me and judged … Continue reading

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In remission: now what?

This blog was going to be called “A short story about a three legged dog, and other things” but I decided to change my title to something a bit less obscure. The original title does form a useful scene-set, and … Continue reading

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2014: Combeback Year

Another year rolls by, another blogger offers his thoughts on the year departed and hopes for the year to come. My own thoughts on 2013 are a little mixed, really. Up until August was pretty good. I had no particular … Continue reading

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