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Aberdeen Law Project Lecture 2015

Another year, another chance for me to bask in the reflected glory of the achievements of law students at the University of Aberdeen who volunteer at the Aberdeen Law Project. One such achievement was organising a well-attended lecture with a … Continue reading

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Highland Titles Scam

The title for this blog is modelled on the website *EDIT 23 August 2016 – that url now directs to a suitably bland website. Some of the original content at that URL is archived here* Despite the url, it … Continue reading

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The best Twitter exchange about souvenir plots in Scots law you will ever read

Today’s lesson in Scots land law is provided by loveandgarbage, some legally minded/interested folks on Twitter, a Channel Islands company called Highland Titles and me. I offer this Storify for your enjoyment.

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Law theory test

I started blogging in 2012. I have now cleared 100 posts and a total of 100,000 words. (Yes, I probably could have completed a thesis instead, but there we go.) Before having my own WordPress forum, I had to find … Continue reading

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