A musical aside – perfect songs and albums of the day

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it’s a really stupid thing to want to do.” (attributed to Elvis Costello)

This musical aside to my usual blogging subjects comes in two parts. The first is “perfect songs”. The second is my album collection.

I made the editorial decision to make this a static post rather than a blog post that might get lost in the churn of a blog. Well, it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. I am well aware this post is very far from a law blog (or blawg) post, so I think the decision to separate it out sort of makes sense.

Part 1 – Perfect Songs

A friend (you know who you are) and I have been known to ponder many important things over a pint, but no subject is more important than this. Forget Scottish independence or fitba, our three (or more) rounds of drinks topic of conversation is perfect songs. At the mention of the topic, there is a knowing intake of breath as we take-up the conversation (again) and rake over old subject matter or uncover new gems. What follows is my attempt to capture that bar room jury in a blog.

Here is list of perfect songs, in no particular order*. My self-imposed rules are: one song per band; and only ten songs.

  1. Therapy? Screamager
  1. The Levellers 15 Years
  1. Frank Turner Long Live the Queen
  1. The Wildhearts Mazel Tov Cocktail
  1. Runrig Rocket to the Moon
  1. The Killers Mr Brightside
  1. Terris Fabricated Lunacy
  1. Pearl Jam Corduroy
  1. Idlewild Live in a Hiding Place
  1. Coldplay The Scientist

I could have probably included a track by the Manics, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, REM, Deacon Blue, Nirvana, Springsteen, The Proclaimers, Radiohead, Dylan, The Undertones, U2, Queen or The Clash, but I suppose they have enough airplay. As perhaps do The Killers, Coldplay and Pearl Jam, so that shoots my argument, but there we go: those three bands penned songs that are just too bloody perfect, and I don’t even count myself as a fan of The Killers.

Of my ten, three songs perhaps merit special explanation as they are a little obscure or arty**. Runrig’s music is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it means something to me. Rocket to the Moon is up there as one of the best nostalgic and cianalas*** inducing songs, so for that reason Runrig get parachuted into my ten, providing a bit of a foil to the English punk/folk of The Levellers. The Idlewild album track I have mentioned I used to listen to on repeat far too often. It is beautiful. As for Terris, I have never seen them and I know very little about them****, but Fabricated Lunacy is amazing. I am not sure how or when I heard it, but it blindsided me when I did.

I apologise to Soul Asylum, Live, many great great Highland bagpipe players (yes, the double “great” is deliberate) and many others, but in my self-imposed top ten I can only include ten. I should note that I am well aware I have not included any classical music, nor even the great catchy songs that become football chants like Cwm Rhondda, Guantanamera or The Beach Boys’ Sloop John B, so feel free to ostracise me as a Philistine for those further omissions. In fact, it is all rather English, in language that is – even the Runrig track I chose does not feature any Gaelic, either in whole (like the relentless An Toll Dubh) or in part (like the lovely Skye). Otherwise, by all means castigate me about songs I have forgotten about or misguidedly overlooked.

A final point about music journalism, which apparently Frank Zappa reviewed thus: “People who can’t write, preparing stories based on interviews with people who can’t talk, in order to amuse people who can’t read”. Mind you, he was speaking specifically about rock journalism, so I trust none of those points are true of this blog, its subject matter or its readers. I found that quote in the inlay to Mogwai Young Team. Ah, maybe I should have included a track by them too… Meanwhile, here is a link to Mogwai’s George Square Thatcher Death Party.

And Gary (yes, you know who you are now), sorry for not including any Blink 182 or The Hold Steady.

* Okay, there was a bit of an order. It would have felt wrong to not put Northern Irish noiseniks Therapy? anywhere other than the top of my list, and even though they have many more technically clever tracks than Screamager that track quite simply had to be top. If you know me or Therapy? you will understand.

** “I love your friends, they’re all so arty…” Yes, perhaps I should have included some Franz Ferdinand as well, but “Take Me Out” would have been my choice, rather than the song that pretentiously goes on about arty friends.

*** Cianalas is a Scots Gaelic word that I cannot quite translate. It roughly means homesickness or longing.

**** Via YouTube comments, I have gleaned Terris’s former singer is now a university lecturer. Fitting.

Update on 20 December 2012. Today I was listening to the self-titled album of The Stone Roses, and the inlay of the 2010 re-issue described I am the Resurrection as “8:13 of perfection”, whereas it is not even my favourite track on that album (as amazing as it undoubtedly is). That just shows how subjective and ridiculous my exercise here is. Sorry. In other news, I have amended one of the tracks above, swapping my Wildhearts track from the better known Just in Lust to the ridiculously catchy Mazel Tov Cocktail. I also now realise I have completely omitted Deckard What Reason and Counting Crows Murder of One. If I could make it a top dozen I would add them in.

Part 2- Albums of the Day

This is my album collection, in text form. I tweeted about it from 12 December 2011 until 4 June 2013.


That is a very good question. Well, in late 2011, I sent the following epistle to the world via Twitter.

My recent flit has allowed me to once again sort my CDs. Alphabetically. (Sad, perhaps, but it’s the one part of my life that’s organised.) I now intend to tweet about each album as I listen to them in order, whether the internet wishes to know or not. Given my eclectic taste and inability to throw out/trade/donate CDs this could be an interesting, or dull, insight.

Thus started my #albumoftheday tweeting. But the problem with Twitter, you see, is you tweet something and it flies away into the ether. Unless, of course, you were to catalogue it somehow. Who would do that sort of thing? Well, me. 8,000 odd words later, you (and I) can now have a shifty at my CD collection, then my (very small) LP collection and lastly my tape collection collated over an 18 month period. Any CD acquisitions I made after I moved to more traditional formats are not included, in case anyone is wondering where the new Frank Turner or Ginger albums are.

Who is actually going to read this?

I have no idea. It is as much for my benefit as anyone else’s. But you might be inspired to listen to something on the back of this, so do let me know.

How does this “blog” work?

Before you read on, here is a quick explanation that you can take on board to allow you to make the informed decision that you definitely don’t want to read on.

Each album gets at least one tweet. Some albums just get that quick acknowledgement, others get a wee explanation in the form of extra tweets, which I have italicised. There may be some logic to why some albums got more tweets, but I am not really sure.

It seems my chat is a bit repetitious at times – I will blame that on the constraints of the Twitter medium.

If anyone gets so far to read them, you will find editorial comments in [square brackets], thus.


  1. First up from the weekend: Air, Moon Safari. Cracking tunes. Good background music. #albumoftheday
  2. Alice in Chains, Facelift. Just a tad more grungey than Air. Layne Staley had some voice, in his own way. #albumoftheday
  3. Alice in Chains, eponymous. “Heaven Beside You” and “Again” are cracking (and contrasting) tracks. Perhaps some fillers. #albumoftheday
  4. Ash, 1977. The first CD in collection to have given me the childish “Oh Yeah” (appropriately enough) feeling as I put it on. #albumoftheday. Wheeler et al provide great, simple tunes. By date & age analogy, my stellar debut album should have been released in 2001. Ash pipped by Therapy? as most important Northern Irish band to me but still awesome. Enraged by scratch on “Girl From Mars”
  5. Astrid, Strange Weather Lately. Jangly guitar from the Glaswegian Teuchters. My cousin Dave Clark gets a thanks in the inlay. #albumoftheday
  6. The Band, The Weight. Unsure of this CD’s provenance, but it seems to be an obscure collection http://t.co/FTAAWQZ4 #albumoftheday
  7. The Band, Moondog Matinee (Remastered). A preponderance of “woos” in the opening track “Ain’t Got No Home”. Winning formula. #albumoftheday
  8. The Band, Greatest Hits. 4 tracks from each of Music from the Big Pink & The Band, 3 from Stage Fright & Southern Cross. #albumoftheday
  9. The Beastie Boys, Anthology. Massive, rough diamond, collection of tunes. “I like my sugar with coffee and cream.” #albumoftheday. Amazing how often The Beastie Boys influence or are sampled by others. “Oh my God that’s the funky shit.”
  10. Ballads of the Book (Various). “Sing as if you live in the days of a better nation”, proclaims the Alasdair Gray artwork #albumoftheday. Ballads was a cool idea, involving legends like @IdlewildtheBand and @AidanJohnMoffat Well played Chemikal Underground
  11. Beck, Mutations. The only Beck CD I own, for some reason. Tropicalia’s a catchy number. Diamond Bollocks wins for best title #albumoftheday
  12. I’m now back at my CD collection & will continue my insipid/inspired #albumoftheday tweets. First for 2012, The Beatles, #1s. Nuff said
  13. Biohazard, State of the World Address. Decency suggests I don’t mirror the opening declaration of the opening track. #albumoftheday. Biohazard (the band) something of a hangover to my metalhead days. Still enjoyable, if not completely technically amazing.
  14. Biohazard, Mata Leao. Nothing on yesterday’s SotWA. I think I borrowed it from my bro years ago. Still has “missing” price tag #albumoftheday
  15. Frank Black & the Catholics, eponymous. Black Francis, coupled with raw guitars and catchy bass lines: fine Friday tunes. #albumoftheday Wikipedia tells me self-titled FB&Cs was the 1st album by major artist to be commercially released on the Internet. So there.
  16. Frank Black, The Cult of Ray. Typical Pixies-esque fodder. Good track names, including “Kicked in the Taco”. #albumoftheday
  17. Frank Black & the Catholics, Dog in the Sand. I love this album. St Francis Dam Disaster & If It Takes All Night are stunning #albumoftheday St Francis Dam Disaster? More here http://t.co/PxEdDk3J Bullet is also clever, narrating changes from major/minor in lyrics
  18. Frank Black & the Catholics, Black Letter Days. Audaciously, two great covers of same Tom Waits song to open & close album #albumoftheday. More quality from prolific Black Francis, not to be confused with Irish singer Frances Black (which I’m told happened at gig)
  19. Blink 182, Take of Your Pants & Jacket. I can’t even remember getting this album. I did see Blink back in 2000. Nostalgia. #albumoftheday. A non-guilty pleasure, there’s decent tracks on this (Anthem Part 2, Stay Together for the Kids). Some childish ones too tho.
  20. Bloc Party, Silent Alarm. I think I got this in aftermath of them at Connect. Tight album. Never fully got into them though. #albumoftheday
  21. Blur, The Best of. A band I never appreciated at their height but some really great tunes. The Universal is a stormer. #albumoftheday
  22. David Bowie, Best of 74/79. The only Bowie I own, which probably isn’t fair on the great man. #albumoftheday
  23. James Brown, The Godfather of Soul. A random live album I have in my CD collection. Unsure why. Interesting though. #albumoftheday
  24. Jeff Buckley, Mystery White Boy (live 95-96). Awesome album from various venues. “Manger beaucoup de fromage” #albumoftheday. That Alexandra quean’s version of Hallelujah doesn’t even come close to Buckley’s. Stick to singing about bad boys, Burke.
  25. The Catheters, Static Delusions & Stone Still-Days. Some nae bad sub-pop tunes from a band I saw supporting Mudhoney #albumoftheday
  26. Capercaillie, The Best of (Dusk Till Dawn). Pretty fitting my haphazard #albumoftheday-ing has led to a most Scots of selections for Burns.
  27. Johnny Case, Ring of Fire (The Legend Of…). The 2005 collection from shortly after his death. Delightful. NIN cover too. #albumoftheday
  28. Johnny Cash (not Case, thanks @monthen), Country Boy. A nice wee collection of, um, country tunes by the boy #albumoftheday
  29. Tracy Chapman. Pretty inspirational stuff on her eponymous debut. Fast Car and Talkin’ Bout a Revolution are fantastic #albumoftheday. Chapman album inlay in a few lingos: interesting stuff. Reden von Revolution/Hablando de Revolucion/Ils Parlent de Revolution
  30. The Clash,London Calling. Said of this album “you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs”. Some gems, inc titular track #albumoftheday
  31. The Clash, Combat Rock. “This is a public service announcement, with guitars”. Know your rights. There’s a law PhD in there #albumoftheday. Strummer’s 3 “rights” are almost as simple as Isaac Asimov’s 3 rules of robotics. Modern legislation could take heed. Rock the Casbah/Should I Stay or Should I Go. Fantastic tunes. Combat Rock’s not quite “all killer” though.
  32. Clam Abuse, Stop Thinking. An obscure offering from Ginger. Bought to get his autograph at Missing shop record launch in 1999 #albumoftheday. “There’s always someone more fucked up than you”: the one decent track (& sentiment) of the otherwise forgettable Clam Abuse
  33. Eric Clapton, some random 2 CD collection. Probably picked up in the bonfire of Woolies. Mainly Yardbirds stuff. Decent. #albumoftheday
  34. Ray Charles, Ray. Strange compilation I suspect I got from a bargain bucket. Probably the 2nd time I’ve listened to it. #albumoftheday
  35. Ray Charles, Classic Ray. Another random CD in my collection. Like its companion, probably the 2nd time I’ve listened to it. #albumoftheday
  36. Clawfinger, eponymous. Swedish rap-metal. Fairly obscure thing to have in the CD collection. Nicked from my brother. #albumoftheday
  37. Coldplay, Parachutes. Fair to say this is one of the better debut albums. Time for a nostalgic story about gigging in Glasgow #albumoftheday. Aged 17, watch Live at Barras, supported by Muse. Quite taken with Muse, I get a ticket for their over 18s gig at the Garage. Successfully negotiated the bouncers, to witness a little known band called Coldplay supporting Muse. Then “Yellow” happened. Seeing Coldplay before they were famous is probably as near to an “I saw Kurt Cobain/Jimi Hendrix” type story I’ll get.
  38. Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head. I used to listen to this album a lot. Like, really a lot. The Scientist especially. #albumoftheday
  39. Coldplay, X & Y. Solid album. Never really got “Fix You” though. #albumoftheday
  40. Counting Crows, August & Everything After. I love you. 1993 release? Surely not. Rain King. Mr Jones. Murder of One. Choons. #albumoftheday
  41. Counting Crows, This Desert Life. Not quite as good as debut or 2nd album, but decent stuff. #albumoftheday
  42. Counting Crows, Hard Candy. A bit poppy, perhaps, but enjoyable fodder. Bonus Big Yellow Taxi cover, which is always nice #albumoftheday
  43. Cream, Disraeli Gears. They were not too shabby a three piece, really. Sunshine of Your Love & Tales of Brave Ulysses: epic. #albumoftheday
  44. Crowded House, Recurring Dream. A foot-tapping best off. A real shame about the drummer’s death some years ago. #albumoftheday
  45. Dàimh, The Pirates of Puirt. Cracking Celtic (with a solid c) tunes. Great study background, given the album’s lack of singer #albumoftheday
  46. The Darkness, Permission to Land. One of those albums I happen to have in my collection. Not entirely without merit. #albumoftheday
  47. Deacon Blue, When The World Knows Your Name. Yes, I did sing “WOO WOO WOO WOO” at Real Gone Kid. I expect you’d do the same. #albumoftheday
  48. Deckard, Stereodreamscene. The best album to come out of 133 Onslow Drive, Glasgow. So home-made it has a typo on the CD #albumoftheday. Deckard (reincarnated Baby Chaos) rocked. Once There Was A Girl & What Reason are choons. Latter featured in Friends episode. Favourite Deckard lyric: “If you need another reason, it’s cos summer is the season that I make my annual pass at you.”
  49. Deckard, Dreams of Dynamite & Divinity. Why weren’t Deckard huge? With respect, they ate likes of Biffy Clyro for breakfast #albumoftheday
  50. Deftones, White Pony. Fine offering from Chino & Co. Nostalgic moment: I saw them at Corn Exchange in Edinburgh for my 18th. #albumoftheday
  51. dEUS, Worst Case Scenario. Suds & Soda and Via are choons. Also the worthy recipient of some great PR which I shall tweet… #albumoftheday “Pretentious art wank? Possibly. But as a big fan of art & wanking…” Peter Pahides (Time Out).
  52. The Original Dubliners, The Best Of. Today I will mostly be listening to twee Irish tunes. Three CDs’ worth. #albumoftheday
  53. Dig, self-titled. An album from 1993. A couple of decent tracks, particularly Believe which has a top bass line. #albumoftheday
  54. The Divine Comedy, Liberation. Terrific, eclectic album. From a Wordsworth “cover”, to Europop, to a top song about hayfever. #albumoftheday
  55. The Divine Comedy, A Secret History (Best of). “I couldn’t have liked it more”,Noel Coward reputedly noted. Hannon’s a genius #albumoftheday
  56. Gordon Duncan, Just for Gordon. “One of the most skilled &innovative traditional music performers &composers of modern times” #albumoftheday. That quote re Gordon Duncan was taken from the cover of his compilation album. Some player. What a loss to piping.
  57. The Doors. They weren’t too bad a band really. They certainly made better Doors than Windows. #albumoftheday
  58. The Doors, L.A. Woman. Some awesome tunes, right from the opening bass kick of The Changeling. Mr Mojo Risin’ and all that. #albumoftheday
  59. Doves, The Last Broadcast. Great intro to the album and “There Goes the Fear” is a choon. #albumoftheday
  60. Nick Drake, Way To Blue (An Introduction). Some very pleasant music, a sad loss at such a young age #albumoftheday
  61. Kris Drever, Black Water. Featuring the tremendously named Honk Toot & Poor Man’s Son,once reworked to Dons Fan’s Son (by me) #albumoftheday
  62. Drever, McCusker & Woomble, Before the Ruin. Great Scots collaboration with some fine guest performances. #albumoftheday
  63. Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Surprisingly not about bicycles, not even the artwork. He’s nae a bad songsmith though #albumoftheday
  64. Bob Dylan, Blonde on Blonde. Some beautiful, zany and beautifully zany tracks. #albumoftheday
  65. Bob Dylan, The Best Of (Volume 1). A pretty self explanatory #albumoftheday. No prizes for guessing what tomorrow’s might be.
  66. Bob Dylan, The Best Of (Volume 2). Another self explanatory #albumoftheday. You know you’re good when your 2nd best of eats actual best ofs.
  67. Edinburgh Academy Pipes & Drums, Centenary Celebration. Solid piping. A lovely leaving Edinburgh present from @fraserbennett #albumoftheday
  68. Eels, Blinking Lights & Other Revelations. Top stuff from Mr E. Reminds me of my Diploma year & the A90 to Aberdeen #albumoftheday
  69. Fear Factory, Demanufacture. Today’s #albumoftheday is not really conducive to quiet consideration of agricultural holdings legislation.
  70. Flaming Lips, Soft Bulletin. Lovely tunes. Possibly neglected Scots market research when innocently naming a song “The Gash” #albumoftheday
  71. Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Uncut gave it 5.5 out of 5. Do You Realize?? is one of the best death songs #albumoftheday
  72. Ben Folds Five, Whatever & Ever Amen. A decidedly better omen is this week’s first #albumoftheday. Brick & Song for the DUMPED are choons.
  73. Ben Folds Five, Naked Baby Photos. Fortunately album artwork not related to title. Plus there are 3 people in the “fivepiece” #albumoftheday
  74. Foo Fighters, The colour & the shape. My old compilation cassette (aye, mind them) used to open with Doll & Monkey Wrench #albumoftheday
  75. Foo Fighters, There is nothing left to lose. Is this really from 1999? Oof. That Dave Grohl fella’s nae bad at music really. #albumoftheday
  76. Foo Fighters, One by one. Not quite as smack your face good as earlier stuff but still thoroughly pleasing listening. #albumoftheday
  77. Foo Fighters, Echoes, silence, patience and grace. I confess I never fully got into this as much as their earlier stuff. #albumoftheday
  78. David Ford, Songs for the road. I’m a recent convert to Ford after a spontaneous trip to The Lemon Tree. A very clever artist #albumoftheday
  79. David Ford, Let the hard times roll. Includes the tremendously ironic Surfin’ Guantanamo Bay. Annoyingly talented chap. #albumoftheday
  80. Thea Gilmore, The Lipstick Conspiracies. Annoyingly catchy songstress/songwriter. #albumoftheday
  81. Thea Gilmore, Avalanche. The first of her albums I got and I still love it. Juliet, Mainstream and Pirate Moon are all choons #albumoftheday
  82. Thea Gilmore, Liejacker. Great stuff from Thea & Nigel Stonier etc. Plus a cover of Dead or Alive’s “You spin me right round” #albumoftheday
  83. Thea Gilmore, Harpo’s Ghost. More fine tunes from Thea. “Call me your darling tonight” could be a gospel choir song #albumoftheday
  84. Thea Gilmore, Strange Communion. An unseasonal #albumoftheday, given it’s Thea’s Christmas album. Awesome cover of St Stephen’s Day Murders.
  85. Ginger, A Break In The Weather. Some cracking song titles & lyrics. Any song featuring a fish on a roller-skate is a winner #albumoftheday
  86. Ginger, Valor Del Corazon. Truly fantastic songwriter. Mother City; Yeah, Yeah, Yeah; The Drunken Lord of Everything; etc. #albumoftheday
  87. Ginger, Yoni. Awesome #albumoftheday. Great bass playing. “When She Comes” would have been a pop rock classic with radio friendly lyrics.
  88. Ginger, Market Harbour. Every #albumoftheday track cleverly flows into next. http://t.co/kJ5EF3rJ is compulsory listening for internet users. The way Ginger melds “The Queen of Leaving” & “Attentionette” together on Market Harbour is a work of musical art. Stunning.
  89. Gomez, Bring It On. An #albumoftheday that lets me Get Miles away. To locations like Clochoderick Farm, Kilbarchan & the 6th yr common room.
  90. Gomez, In Our Gun. Today’s #albumoftheday should have been Liquid Skin, had I not broken the CD in a Tomorrow’s World defying accident.
  91. Ben Harper, The Will to Live. Catchy tunes, lovely voice. Only album of his I own, for some lazy reason. #albumoftheday
  92. Kieran Halpin, A Box of Words and Tunes. Got this #albumoftheday after his gig at Blue Lamp last year. Walk Like a Champion is a great track.
  93. Gemma Hayes, Night on My Side. I used to listen to this #albumoftheday a lot. A going to sleep album, except maybe tracks 2 and 5. Lovely.
  94. Gemma Hayes, The Roads Don’t Love You. Another brilliant #albumoftheday. Great openers of Two Step & Another For The Darkness. Some voice.
  95. Gemma Hayes, The Hollow of Morning. I never got into this #albumoftheday as much as her earlier albums, but pleasing enough all the same.
  96. Experience Hendrix, The Best of Jimi Hendrix. Enough said, really. #albumoftheday. With kazoos.
  97. Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of. An #albumoftheday that is surprisingly in my collection. I do love Everything Is Everything though.
  98. Buddy Holly, The Very Best of. Sadly I was not a music legend by 22. On the other hand, I have not died in a plane crash #albumoftheday
  99. John Lee Hooker, The Blues Man. Some compilation #albumoftheday featuring his stuff from late 40s/early 50s. Not something I regularly play.
  100. John Lee Hooker, Boom Boom. Another compilation, covering his Vee-Jay catalogue from ’55 onwards. Boom boom boom boom. #albumoftheday #boom
  101. PJ Harvey, Let England Shake. A quite simply fantastic #albumoftheday. War poetry, with auto harp & xylophone. A work of art.
  102. Idlewild, Captain. This #albumoftheday was recorded in 1997. Oof, that makes me feel nostalgic/old. Rough & ready debut from Woomble & co.
  103. Idlewild, Hope is Important. Suitably jealous Woomble Jones etc created this #albumoftheday when so young. “I’m a Message” is a perfect song
  104. Idlewild, 100 Broken Windows. “subject; history”. Hebridean artwork. The first six tracks are anthemic. Equals one stonking #albumoftheday
  105. Idlewild, The Remote Part. Idlewild/Woomble almost track development of my musical tastes. This #albumoftheday bridges rock/folk perfectly.
  106. Gemma Hayes, Let it Break. Brand new (signed by the lovely Gemma) #albumoftheday. “You need the darkness to see the stars.” Lovely.
  107. JJ72, JJ72. Not listened to this #albumoftheday in ages. This band could/should have been bigger. Solid, now defunct, Irish 3 piece.
  108. Billy Joel, The Ultimate Collection. One track on this #albumoftheday featured at a recent pub quiz. Fortunately someone else got it.
  109. Joy Division, Closer. This #albumoftheday’s not too shabby. Featuring Isolation, which I initially assumed was a racuous Therapy? original.
  110. Kerbdog, Kerbdog. Obscure Irish rock #albumoftheday from 1994. Never caught them live but what a massive sound. Dummy Crusher is ace.
  111. Kerbdog, On The Turn. Grungier 1996 follow-up to rocky predecessor. Good stuff.
  112. B.B. King, King of the Blues. Proof that you don’t need bar chords. #albumoftheday
  113. Griogair Labhruidh, Dail-riata. A Gaelic #albumoftheday. “E ho ro mo run am fearann”. Some radical (in agenda) tunes. Decent piper too.
  114. Led Zeppelin, Remasters. Two CDs of rather epic tunage for this #albumoftheday.
  115. Leftfield, Leftism. One of the more out there CDs I own, but then again I’ll listen to anything that’s not pish. #albumoftheday
  116. The Levellers, A Weapon Called the Word. A fantastic debut #albumoftheday. Great album title too. Expect more Levellers tweets from me.
  117. Levellers, Mouth to Mouth. An appropriate #albumoftheday 2nd track, given how beautiful it has been these past few solstice days.
  118. Levellers, Best of (aka One Way of Life, their anthemic signature tune). Almost every tune on it is special to me. #albumoftheday. I say almost every. Really, who thought including that shit new tune Bozos was a good idea?
  119. An extra (out of alphabetical order) #albumoftheday. Just got my Ginger Wildheart 555% triple album. This week’s listening sorted.
  120. Levellers, Green Blade Rising. Probably the last #albumoftheday by Chadwick et al I actually rate. Come On/Four Winds are solid tunes.
  121. Levellers, Hello Pig. Saw them at the Barrowlands on this #albumoftheday tour, then the Foos the next day. Ah, music nostalgia.
  122. Levellers, Letters From the Underground. Before the End and the Cholera Well are solid tracks, otherwise alright stuff #albumoftheday. Great Seth Lakeman-like fiddle on opener Cholera Well. Just noticed the album is produced by Sean Lakeman. Any relation? #albumoftheday [Yes.]
  123. Live, Mental Jewelry. (Yes, spelt like that.) Debut #albumoftheday from the worst band in the world to Google. Search “Live music”.
  124. Live, Throwing Copper. Brilliant #albumoftheday. Top tunes like Selling the Drama, I Alone, Pillar of Davidson & some song about storms. Side 2’s opener on this #albumoftheday Shit Towne has a solo that really could be from Oasis. But better, of course. Cool hidden track too.
  125. Live, The Distance to Here. Cue reminiscing about high school & a trip to the Barras to see Live live, Muse supporting. #albumoftheday
  126. Live, V. Rather bizarrely has a song that featured in The Mummy franchise of movies. And a guest appearance from Tricky. #albumoftheday [To lead in to the next tweet – I followed the previous tweet with “Likely to be my last #albumoftheday tweet for a while. Graduations today (weather a bit iffy) then leaving Abdn/my CD collection behind.]
  127. Live, Birds of Pray. (See what they did there?) Back to my trusty CD collection, so more regular #albumoftheday tweets may follow.
  128. The Magic Numbers, Those the Brokes. This #albumoftheday acquired cheap in Somerfield. Don’t mention their music is fat (Richard Bacon)
  129. Michael McGoldrick & John McSherry, At First Light. Lovely woodwind on this #albumoftheday. Mike’s nae bad for a self-taught Mancunian.
  130. Ewan MacColl, The Definitive Collection. Another Mancunian(ish) folk #albumoftheday after Mike McGoldrick yesterday. A fine collection.
  131. Ewan MacColl, Black & White: The Definitive Collection. Some classics on this #albumoftheday, like Dirty Old Town and Shoals of Herring.
  132. Manic Street Preachers, Gold Against The Soul. A tight album, good but not amazing form. A Manic #albumoftheday for the next few days…
  133. Manic Street Preachers, The Holy Bible. Possibly the most sinister #albumoftheday I own. A work of art. Beautiful yet challenging. The Holy Bible #albumoftheday allows me to link to the most complained about Top of the Pops performance: Faster http://t.co/ckHpsA7J
  134. Manic Street Preachers, Everything Must Go. Britrock? If you want to call it that, fine. Smashing collection of tunes. #albumoftheday
  135. Manic Street Preachers, Journal For Plague Lovers. “Mummy, what’s a sex pistol?” Further profound quotes feature on this #albumoftheday. “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” George Bernard Shaw.
  136. Bob Marley & The Wailers, Uprising. Reggae aficionado I am not, but I do have a few like this #albumoftheday in my collection.
  137. Bob Marley, Freedom Songs. A “Rolled Gold” collection of 25 catchy tunes. Accenting 2&4 rather than 1&3 beats in 4/4 time #albumoftheday
  138. Bob Marley & The Wailers, One Love: The Very Best of. Thus concludes my enjoyable reggae dalliance in my #albumoftheday tweets.
  139. Laura Marling, I Speak Because I Can. Brilliant title, tunes & voice, not necessarily in that order. Talented young lady. #albumoftheday
  140. Megadeth, Hidden Treasures. One of my more obscure, rather heavy, CDs. 99 Ways to Die is a great way to start a Thursday. #albumoftheday
  141. Mercury Rev, Deserter’s Songs. I’d forgotten how lovely this album is. Goddess on a Hiway (so spelt) is fantastic. #albumoftheday
  142. Mercury Rev, All is Dream. Epic. #albumoftheday
  143. Misery Loves Co, Not Like Them. Fittingly, this #albumoftheday is not like more recent CD acquisitions. A purchase from Missing, Glasgow
  144. Mogwai, Young Team (remastered/bonus). This album is immense. Huge. A shamefully recent #albumoftheday addition to my collection.
  145. Morcheeba, Parts of the Process (Best of). Decent, chunky selection of tunes and styles. #albumoftheday
  146. Muse, Showbiz. Have I shared my “saw them afore they were famous” yarn? Probably. I suspect I don’t listen to this #albumoftheday enough
  147. My Bloody Valentine, Loveless. No idea when I got this #albumoftheday. It has some pretty clever arrangements on it.
  148. Willie Nelson, Songbook. “I believe fearlessness & stupidity go together” quoted on the inlay.A “Rolled Gold” compilation #albumoftheday
  149. New Model Army, The Love of Hopeless Causes. “Here Comes the War” and all that. Some solid tracks here. #albumoftheday
  150. Nirvana, Nevermind. Not a bad wee band. A tight 3-piece with a great drummer. I imagine they’ll go far. Oh… #albumoftheday
  151. Nirvana, Incestiscide. An eclectic collection. Grandma take me home. #albumoftheday
  152. Nirvana, In Utero. A concept #albumoftheday about the important nasciturus principle in the law of succession. #maynotbetrue
  153. Beth Orton, Central Reservation. Lovely stuff, lovely singer. #albumoftheday
  154. Pearl Jam, Ten. Show me a better debut album. Go on. I dare you. I double dare you. #albumoftheday
  155. Pearl Jam, Vitalogy. Brilliant. This #albumoftheday is best enjoyed with a whisky at a friend’s in Kilbarchan, or maybe that’s just me.
  156. Pearl Jam, Yield. A further great (if underrated) #albumoftheday by Vedder and co. In Hiding is a personal favourite. #fb
  157. Pearl Jam, Binaural. Another fine #albumoftheday, which I probably overlook owing to the other heavyweight PJ albums that are out there.
  158. Pearl Jam, Riot Act. This concept #albumoftheday is a comparative study of statutory & common law crimes akin to mobbing. #maynotbetrue
  159. Pearl Jam, Lost Dogs. This #albumoftheday is the reason I sing Last Kiss when I see posters for missing pets, like a proper mentalist.
  160. Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam. No, I haven’t developed a keyboard stutter, but evidently PJ lost all imagination when naming this #albumoftheday
  161. Pink Floyd, The Wall. A lot of choons on this #albumoftheday. Toying with using Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) in a lecture. Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) could demonstrate accession by building. Mind you, it does say “we don’t need no education”. [I have used the music video for this track as the introit to a property law lecture…]
  162. Pitchshifter, www.pitchshifter.com I wonder if the band foresaw that this #albumoftheday title would be an instant hyperlink in future.
  163. Pixies, Bossanova. Is this #albumoftheday from 1990? Black Francis (or whatever he’s called) is a hero. Great, bold opening instrumental
  164. Pixies, Trompe le Monde. This ain’t the planet of sound. #albumoftheday
  165. Pixies, Death to the Pixies. In terms of best ofs, this is amongst the best of them. #albumoftheday
  166. Placebo, self-titled. I love this debut album, although the cover star apparently doesn’t. http://t.co/2txjzpml #albumoftheday
  167. Placebo, Without You I’m Nothing. More fine tunes & words from my favourite bisexual Dundonian frontman. (That’s niche.) #albumoftheday
  168. I have a Police record. Which one? Maybe that joke doesn’t really work online. 30 track double CD A&M collection for my #albumoftheday
  169. Karine Polwart, Traces. I’m really enjoying this recent #albumoftheday. Tears for Lot’s Wife is fabulous.
  170. The Proclaimers, Best of. The opening strands of Letter From America get me every time. Linwood no more. Lewis no more. #albumoftheday
  171. Prodigy, Fat of The Land. This #albumoftheday is 15 years old. Still sounds pretty fresh to me, although cool kids might disagree. Today’s #albumoftheday should have been Music For the Jilted Generation, but I had that enraging moment of opening the case to find no CD.
  172. Radiohead, The Bends. Wonderful. A chance to post a great, perhaps even the best, music video http://t.co/kgSLsXO5 #albumoftheday
  173. Radiohead, OK Computer. Up there as work of art, from the tunes, their order of play and the inlay artwork. Great #albumoftheday
  174. Radiohead, Amnesiac. Anyone else think Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box sounds like the music in Streets of Rage? #albumoftheday
  175. Radiohead, Hail to the Thief. Perhaps timely, given impending American elections. What do you say, USA? Another thief? #albumoftheday
  176. Gerry Rafferty, Baker Street. (Meaning an EMI Gold collection, rather than a single). Paisley’s finest, sorely missed. #albumoftheday
  177. Rage Against The Machine, self-titled. So many quotable lyrics on this #albumoftheday. Decency suggests I refrain from quoting. On another note, anyone else think “Rage against The Machine” sounds like an obscure Scots legal case? Just me? Sorry…
  178. Rage Against The Machine, Evil Empire. Tom and Tim really are brilliant on 6- and 4-string respectively. #albumoftheday
  179. The Idan Raichel Project, self-titled. Safe to say this is the only zany Israeli fusion music I have in my collection. #albumoftheday
  180. Rancid, Rancid. Today’s #albumoftheday is brought to you by Radio Havana. There is something glorious about Rancid’s driving bass lines.
  181. Red Hot Chili Peppers, What Hits? Another #albumoftheday, another amazing set of bass lines. The rest of Flea’s band are alright too.
  182. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Californication. Rather bizarrely, this #albumoftheday reminds me of camping on the Isle of Arran. Nostalgic.
  183. Lou Reed, Transformer. Hangin’ Round, Walk on the Wild Side, Perfect Day, Satellite of Love. That’ll do for today’s #albumoftheday. “You’re still doing things I gave up years ago!” So sang Lou Reed to me (Hangin’ Round). Maybe I should heed that advice
  184. Lou Reed, Perfect Day. This #albumoftheday is a BMG (whoever they are) compilation, fortunately with 17 tracks beyond the title track. Lou Reed, Set The Twilight Reeling. Or at least that was supposed to be my #albumoftheday. But the CD has cracked. Rage.
  185. REM, Reconstruction of the Fables. Or is it Fables of the Reconstruction? This #albumoftheday is so good they (sort of) named it twice.
  186. REM, Out of Time. Fantastic #albumoftheday from the full Stipe, Mills, Buck and Berry combo. Track 2 is not bad.
  187. REM, Up. I really love this #albumoftheday. A shame it wasn’t the soundtrack to the film of the same name. Why Not Smile? 🙂
  188. REM, Around The Sun. Maybe not their most critically acclaimed album musically, but lyrically solid. #albumoftheday. “It’s easier to leave than to be left behind.” One of the pearls from Stipe in Leaving New York on today’s #albumoftheday
  189. Rico, Sanctuary Medicines. Anyone know what happened to this tremendously talented and under-rated Glaswegian musician? #albumoftheday. Rico had some very quotable lyrics. “If you’re still making records without your pain, then you’re still making records that sound the same”
  190. Robbie Robertson, Storyville. Maybe not quite as epic as some of The Band’s stuff, but a pleasant enough #albumoftheday.
  191. Rolling Stones, Forty Licks. Not a bad wee band the Rolling Stones, really. #albumoftheday
  192. Runrig, Once in a Lifetime. Cue “A Dance Called America”. And much nostalgic kitsch. What an #albumoftheday this is.
  193. Runrig, Searchlight. Two weeks to St Andrew’s Day. I am at work in a kilt. Today’s #albumoftheday is Runrig. Get your stereotypes here.
  194. Runrig, Amazing Things. “As I draw my latest breath, amazing things are done on Earth”. Oh, I see #xfactor is on. #albumoftheday. Meanwhile, in the haunting “Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich” on this #albumoftheday Runrig note “the Middle East [is] in a broth of darkness”. Hmm
  195. Runrig, Long Distance (best of). With a bonus CD of rarities. A fair selection of tunes to choose from over forty years. #albumoftheday
  196. Runrig, The Stamping Ground. Munro exits, Guthro enters seamlessly. Leaving Strathconon & The Summer Walkers are anthemic #albumoftheday
  197. Runrig, Proterra. The Old Boys (with its Gaelic interlude) is pretty haunting. The version of An Toll Dubh is brilliant. #albumoftheday
  198. Runrig, Everything You See. Still some great tracks, but I fear “In Scandinavia” was written as a sop to Viking ‘Rig fans #albumoftheday. “Tramps like us were born with the cianalas.” True that, Mr Guthro. A sudden urge to take a Highland and Islands road trip.
  199. Kate Rusby, The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly. Lovely stuff from the English songstress. #albumoftheday
  200. Santana, Black Magic Woman (The Best of). Today’s #albumoftheday is brought to you by much fretboard frippery.
  201. Sepultura, Chaos AD. This #albumoftheday unashamedly hails from my heavy metal era. Perfect angry jogging music. “War for territory…” I still have my faded Sepultura, Chaos AD T-shirt that an aunt (!) got for me. I was complimented on it in a bar 7 years ago.
  202. Smashing Pumpkins, Siamese Dream. *Thwack*. That’s the sound of you being hit by Billy Corgan’s music at its rugged best. #albumoftheday
  203. Smashing Pumpkins, MACHINA/the machines of God. “You know I’m not dead.” Reassuringly. #albumoftheday
  204. Smashing Pumpkins, Rotten Apples (Greatest Hits). An apparent fixation on degraded foodstuffs. Some collection of tunes. #albumoftheday
  205. The Smiths, “Strangeways Here We Come”. A land reform #albumoftheday? “A rush and a push and the land that we stand on is ours.”
  206. The Smiths, The Very Best Of. 23 tracks on an awesome collection. Hang the DJ? That won’t be necessary. #albumoftheday
  207. Soul Asylum, Made To Be Broken. Yes, this band used to be rock gods. #albumoftheday
  208. Soul Asylum, Grave Dancers Union. Top #albumoftheday. Track 3 is OK I suppose. “I’m waiting by the phone…coz I want somebody to shove!
  209. Soul Asylum, Candy From a Stranger. A few good tunes but not as mighty as prior albums. A nice bonus of a 5-track live CD #albumoftheday
  210. Soulfly, Soulfly. In a show of rock collegiality, Max Cavalera is joined by Fear Factory, Chino Moreno &, um, Fred Durst. #albumoftheday
  211. Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger. Assume the Jesus Christ Pose. http://t.co/2w1IHTpR #albumoftheday
  212. Soundgarden, Down on the Upside. “There must be something else. There must be something good. Far away.” (Boot Camp.) #albumoftheday
  213. Soundgarden, A-Sides. Just a few decent tracks on this #albumoftheday. As an aside, I reckon Asides would be a fine name for an album.
  214. Bruce Springsteen, The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle. Perhaps not stadium rock from the Boss on this #albumoftheday. Yet.
  215. Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska. I have a sudden urge to visit Atlantic City. “Everything dies, baby, that’s a fact.” #albumoftheday
  216. Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run. Fittingly, England’s answer to the Boss, Frank Turner, covered Thunder Road this week. #albumoftheday [At a gig at The Lemon Tree…]
  217. Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA. Concept #albumoftheday about constitutional need for presidents to be natural born Americans. Maybe.
  218. Bruce Springsteen, The Ghost of Tom Joad. The Boss seems to have lost his stadium rock band in this #albumoftheday. Still good though.
  219. Bruce Springsteen, The Rising. Actually the first Boss album I got, when Uncut magazine used to dictate my music taste. #albumoftheday
  220. Stereophonics, Performance and Cocktails. An alright album. Then again, half of the lies I tell ain’t true. #albumoftheday #meta
  221. The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses. That is about all I need to say about this #albumoftheday. Apart from acknowledging the amazing bass.
  222. Super Furry Animals, Songbook: The Singles, Vol. 1. Something for the Weekend. Cue singing along, with some invective. #albumoftheday
  223. Supergrass, In it for the Money. Decent tunes from the boy Coombes (so spelt) and co. Richard III rocks. #albumoftheday
  224. Super$hit 666, self-titled. A 6-tracker which I have classed as an #albumoftheday. Another project of the prolific Ginger. Heavy.
  225. Supersuckers, Motherf*ckers Be Trippin’. My alphabetical CD collection provides a gloriously inappropriate #albumoftheday for Christmas.
  226. Terris, Learning to Let Go. A slow build opener, into the perfect Fabricated Lunancy. Then some okay-ish tracks.  #albumoftheday
  227. Therapy?, Babyteeth. “Wake up…time to die.” A raw first #albumoftheday offering from the heroic 3-piece Cairns, McKeegan and Ewing.
  228. Therapy?, Pleasure Death. A second six-track #albumoftheday, featuring the wonderful, “fun for all the family” singalong Potato Junkie.
  229. Therapy, Nurse. This #albumoftheday represents Therapy? starting to become really clever. Teethgrinder and Accelerator are class.
  230. Therapy?, Born in a Crash. A mini #albumoftheday, worth a mention for the gem Opal Mantra & the definitive live version of Potato Junkie
  231. Therapy?, Troublegum. Delighted my last #albumoftheday of 2012 is one I love more than is rational. “Screw that, forget about that…” Seriously, how good is Troublegum? An imperious side 1 and a solid side two (with a fantastic Joy Division cover). Epic.
  232. Therapy?, Infernal Love. A divisive #albumoftheday amongst Therapy? fans, but I bloody love it; infernally. Happy people have no stories
  233. Therapy?, Semi-Detached. Another great #albumoftheday. Lonely, Cryin’, Only is anthemic, as are Tightrope Walker, Black Eye… and Safe. Semi-Detached is best enjoyed on a Walkman on a family holiday on Lewis, along with Pearl Jam’s No Code. Maybe that’s just me. Profane #albumoftheday Therapy?, “Don’t Expect Roses” quote. “If you’re looking for trouble, you can find me on the internet, motherf*%ker.”
  234. Therapy?, So Much For The Ten Year Plan. Not a bad back catalogue, this mob. Bad karma follows you around, apparently. #albumoftheday More a batch of representative Therapy? tunes than a best of #albumoftheday. Good though. Great strings version of Lunacy Booth on bonus CD. Today’s #albumoftheday would have been Therapy?, Suicide Pact: You First. But I lost the CD. And the discman it was enclosed by. Och.
  235. Therapy?, Shameless. A desire to quote from this #albumoftheday’s single “I Am the Money” has been suppressed. Decorum, and all that.
  236. Therapy? High Anxiety. A fine band, but their worst #albumoftheday. The best song is hidden at the end. “If It Kills Me” is good though.
  237. Therapy?, Never Apologise Never Explain. Perhaps this #albumoftheday’s title is not a mantra to live by, but it contains some good tunes. Albums place & date-stamp your life. That #albumoftheday takes me back to Glasgow, studying for my finals. (One for any student followers.)
  238. Therapy?, One Cure Fits All. Solid #albumoftheday, with Deluded Son and the Ramones-esque Our White Noise particular favourites.
  239. Therapy?, Crooked Timber. A heavyweight #albumoftheday, in rock & intellectual terms. Drawing on Kant, Spike Milligan and the classics.
  240. Therapy?, We’re Here to the End. A live #albumoftheday that is a tad better than the Therapy? bootleg I Want My Money Back (which I did)
  241. Therapy?, A Brief Crack of Light. A concept #albumoftheday about death, drawing on Nabokov. Lovely. Perhaps an acquired artistic taste.
  242. Three Colours Red, Pure. A “where are they now?” #albumoftheday, but t’internet tells me the drummer died in 2008, aged 36. RIP Keith.
  243. KT Tunstall, Eye to the Telescope. A random purchase from a bargain bin whilst shopping in Somerfield #albumoftheday. Good though.
  244. Turn, Antisocial. An obscure #albumoftheday bought after this Irish 3-piece supported someone at the Barrowlands. Nae bad, actually.
  245. Frank Turner, Love Ire & Song. A first #albumoftheday from the most exciting English singer/songwriter of recent years. Great lyricist.
  246. Frank Turner, Poetry of the Deed. More fantastic lyrics from England’s troubadour. Live fast, die old. And so one. #albumoftheday
  247. Frank Turner, England Keep my Bones. Another damn fine #albumoftheday. Requiem is an absolutely amazing and perfectly pitched opener. I would also, with respect, damn Frank Turner for making the sacrilegious Glory Hallelujah that concludes this #albumoftheday so catchy.
  248. Lau, Arc Light. A bonus, out of alphabetical order #albumoftheday, thanks to a late Christmas gift from my good friend Alastair Andrew.
  249. Frank Turner, Sleep is For the Week. Honest stuff from the hardest working of English singer/songwriting fellows around. #albumoftheday
  250. U2, The Best of 1980-1990. Say what you will about this band (and the frontman) but this #albumoftheday is a magnificent collection.
  251. U2, The Best of 1990-2000. To apply yesterday’s #albumoftheday post, mutatis mutandis, another magnificent collection.
  252. Van Morrison, Astral Weeks. An obscure #albumoftheday. I saw this fella in an obscure Stornowegian venue. (One obscurity is true.)
  253. Van Morrison, Browned Eyed Girl [Black Box]. As in this #albumoftheday is a double CD collection by Black Box, whoever they are. Nice.
  254. Muddy Waters, Baby Please Don’t Go. Indigo Records compilation-y type #albumoftheday. Further explanation unnecessary.
  255. The Waterboys, This is the Sea. This #albumoftheday bought recently at One Up, making this tweet worth saving for posterity.
  256. The Waterboys, Fisherman’s Blues. An #albumoftheday that delivers much musically, and a bang on the ear.
  257. The Waterboys, The Best of ’81 – ’90. I saw this band six months ago in summer 2012. How’s that for longevity? #albumoftheday
  258. Weezer, The Blue Album. I love this #albumoftheday. Nigh on perfection from Cuomo & Co, straight from the jangly opener My name is Jonas
  259. Weezer, The Green Album. Perhaps not quite as anthemic as its blue predecessor, but still catchy as. #albumoftheday
  260. Paul Weller, Stanley Road. I actually can’t remember when I got this #albumoftheday. Not at all bad though. Weller provides a lesson in experiential learning. “The more I see, the more I know. The more I know, the less I understand.” #albumoftheday
  261. Pulp, Different Class (Deluxe edn). This #albumoftheday bought today. Must be good, it pipped Troublegum to Mercury Music Prize in 94.
  262. The Wildhearts, Don’t Be Happy…Just Worry. A first #albumoftheday, or at least a combo of EPs. Brilliant tunes evident from the outset. “They all got advice to give, cos they got no life to live.” A thought for the service industry from Nothing Ever Changes…
  263. The Wildhearts, Earth Vs. Now this, ladies and gents, is an awesome #albumoftheday. Hits you like a suckerpunch. Appropriately enough. So many quotable gems on this choon-packed #albumoftheday. Not one bad track. Earth Vs. always triggers fond memories. Thanks, Ginger.
  264. The Wildhearts, phuq. Or is it p.h.u.q.? Whatever. Another immense #albumoftheday. [Sings “I WANNA GO WHERE THE PEOPLE GO, YEAH”.] Not a bad track on today’s #albumoftheday imho, although I did attend a Wildhearts gig where Ginger claimed one phuq tune was “shit”. Word.
  265. The Wildhearts, Fishing for Luckies. Featuring Red Light-Green Light, which has the best video EVER http://t.co/4Sm2cb3W #albumoftheday. “If there’s a sound you play that doesn’t fit today why not just play the bastard anyway?” Wise words from Schizophonic #tune
  266. The Wildhearts, Landmines & Pantomimes. This compilation #albumoftheday has the sub nom “The last of The Wildhearts…?” Thankfully not.
  267. The Wildhearts, Endless Nameless. A divisive #albumoftheday, but I quite like it. You may need to set your eardrums to static filter.
  268. The Wildhearts, Must be Destroyed! A sea change from the prior #albumoftheday Endless Nameless. With a cameo from Andy Cairns. Nice.
  269. The Wildhearts, Coupled With. Some gems, like Hit It on the Head and a cover of Cheers, on this extras compilation. #albumoftheday
  270. The Wildhearts, self-titled. Solid. Featuring this relentless answer to We Didn’t Start the Fire http://t.co/ttqb1EXH #albumoftheday
  271. The Wildhearts, Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before Vol 1. A stupendous covers #albumoftheday. More bands should do this trick.
  272. The Wildhearts, ¡Chutzpah! A fine #albumoftheday, rendered fantastic by the singalong epic Mazel Tov Cocktail.
  273. Wolfstone, The Chase. 90s rock, with pipes and fiddle. With a sprinkling of politics in Close It Down. That’ll do. #albumoftheday
  274. Wolfstone, Year of the Dog. More jock rock (if I can use that term non-pejoratively), with Gordon Duncan guesting. Lovely #albumoftheday
  275. Wilt, Bastinado. To quote Radio Disco, “discos don’t make much sense.” Unless Cormac Battle was talking about the crisps. #albumoftheday
  276. Wilt, My Medicine. Unsure when I last heard this #albumoftheday, but I am enjoying my revisitation of the jangly successors to Kerbdog.
  277. Roddy Woomble, The Impossible Song & Other Songs. An #albumoftheday from a man whose musical evolution pretty much tracks my music taste
  278. Neil Young, Harvest. A concept #albumoftheday about food and land economy, citing the example of a miner for a Heart of Gold. Maybe.
  279. Neil Young, Harvest Moon. I got this #albumoftheday by accident. I tried to buy Harvest and Fopp put the wrong CD in. True story. By the time I realised the error I was too embarrassed to return it. I mean, how could a self-respecting music fan not twig?
  280. Neil Young, Mirror Ball. This #albumoftheday features Pearl Jam, which is just a little bit cool. I’m The Ocean/Fallen Angel are lovely.
  281. Neil Young, Living With War. Although this #albumoftheday was a targeted (musical) diatribe against Bush, it is still relevant. This Neil Young #albumoftheday led to my most curious Journal of the Law Society of Scotland contribution (at p.9) http://t.co/HWM5ueC14Z
  282. Zen Guerilla, Trance States in Tongues. An obscure fuzzed up blues #albumoftheday, that as glorious as it is unrecognised. Really catchy yet simple tunes on this #albumoftheday. What I Got is entirely based around two adjacent notes. Brave.
  283. Over the Hills and Far Away, The Music of Sharpe. Compilation #albumoftheday featuring John Tams, Kate Rusby & John McCusker. Decent.
  284. The Official Scotland CD. Tartan Army singalongtastic compilation #albumoftheday. Fitting, with today’s international squad announcement
  285. Martyn Bennett, Aye. This “best of” #albumoftheday can be promptly and succinctly reviewed thus: aye!
  286. Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Highlander’s Farewell. A fiddle & cello #albumoftheday. Some great original & traditional arrangements.
  287. Gomez, Liquid Skin. “If I wasn’t ordinary I’d be different.” A twice purchased #albumoftheday, after I somehow smashed the first CD.
  288. The Hold Steady, Almost Killed Me. Or rather, as per the closing track on this #albumoftheday, killer parties almost killed me.
  289. The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday. A really clever band giving a suitably understated #albumoftheday.
  290. Mogwai, EP+6. Suitably atmospheric background music for (almost) anyone and anything. #albumoftheday
  291. The Proclaimers, Sunshine on Leith. A fine #albumoftheday. Alas the title track is now forever tarnished by Aberdeen cup defeats to Hibs
  292. The Proclaimers, This is the Story. One of my first LPs, which I also bought recently on CD via the sadly demised One Up #albumoftheday
  293. Ramones, self-titled. Timing is everything for this #albumoftheday. Well, it is roughly Ramones o’clock. 12.34!
  294. The Smiths, The Queen is Dead. A revolutionary #albumoftheday. Some astounding tracks (and lyrics) in this collection.
  295. The Smiths, The World Won’t Listen. A recently acquired, compilation-type #albumoftheday. Decent.
  296. Supersuckers, The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll. As such, no surprise to meet narcotics, gamblin’ & fisticuffs all on this #albumoftheday
  297. Mouth Music, Mo-Di. Some contemporary puirt-a-beul, recently acquired via a friend. #albumoftheday
  298. Ash, Nu-Clear Sounds. Not as epic as 1977, but alright tunes, albeit it does randomly progress between quiet/noisy songs. #albumoftheday Today’s #albumoftheday was actually a #recordoftheday. I have ran out of CDs to tweet about. Twitter will be thankful for the respite. So a break from #albumoftheday tweets from me, as most of my LPs are doublers with my CDs. I may be back with #tapeoftheday tweets soon. [Editorial pause…suspense…] Mind the #albumoftheday tweeting of my albums? My, um, fans will be delighted I am to restart it. I’ve finished my CDs/LPs, tapes to come. My cassette #albumoftheday collection is a bit eclectic, with some retro gems & curious acquisitions. Anyway, #tapeoftheday tweets to come.
  299. The Almighty, Crank. A raw metal album from Ricky Warwick’s band, with a cameo from Andy Cairns. Whose side are you on? #albumoftheday
  300. Biohazard, Urban Discipline. A concept #albumoftheday about city planning and community empowerment. Maybe.
  301. Capercaillie, Secret People. Some nice compositions of their own mixed in with some great, well-arranged folk tunes. #albumoftheday
  302. Counting Crows, Recovering the Satellites. I love this #albumoftheday, especially Angels of the Silences. The Crows at their rocky best.
  303. Foo Fighters, self-titled. This #albumoftheday bought from Stornoway Woolies. Essential listening for summer hols at Gran’s. Nostalgia.
  304. Faith No More, Angel Dust. Patton and co at their edgy best on this #albumoftheday. Also featuring some Easy listening.
  305. Faith No More, Who Cares A Lot? Wonderful, magnificent best of #albumoftheday. Epic, in fact. Peerless bass-lines.
  306. Garbage, G. Brilliant, nostalgia-catalysing stuff. A debut #albumoftheday that remains the best thing they’ve produced, in my view.
  307. James, Gold Mother. This #albumoftheday makes me want to screeeam, “COME HOME!” Anyway, How Was It For You? [To name but two tracks.]
  308. James, Whiplash. A few quirky numbers on this #albumoftheday, but also some pearlers. Tomorrow, Avalanche and Homeboy in the latter camp
  309. James, Best of. This band had some absolute gems. Truly. “If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor.” #albumoftheday
  310. The Levellers, Levelling the Land. “There’s only one way of life and that’s your own.” #albumoftheday
  311. The Levellers, self-titled. Apparently the band didn’t really rate this #albumoftheday, which is a shame as I think it’s ace.
  312. The Levellers, Zeitgeist. Top #albumoftheday. “The sentiment of the last song that I heard, stays with me as if I’d written every word.”
  313. Live, Secret Samadhi. A seriously amazing #albumoftheday. Side 2 of this album is a stupendous blend of weird, angry and sentimental.
  314. Manic Street Preachers, Generation Terrorists. Superb debut. Amazing coverage. Still their best album. 4 REAL. #albumoftheday.  A thought. Today, the Manics track Natwest, Barclays, Midlands, Lloyds would be RBS, Barclays, HSBC, HBOS LloydsTSB. Catchy.
  315. Megadeth, Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying. This thrash-metal #albumoftheday was the muse for Ocean Colour Scene’s Profit in Peace. Maybe.
  316. Megadeth, Rust in Peace. “Don’t ask what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you.” #albumoftheday My Megadeth #albumoftheday reminds me of a childhood debate with my cousin @megscombe whether they were better than Michael Jackson. Hmm.
  317. Nirvana, From The Muddy Banks of The Wishkah. A live #albumoftheday named after one of two rivers to flow into Aberdeen. Aberdeen, WA.
  318. Pearl Jam, Vs. Fantabulous #albumoftheday. Rearviewmirror and Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town are special tunes. This #albumoftheday: still relevant to #guncontrol debate. To quote Glorified G, “got a gun, fact I’ve got 2, that’s ok man cos I love God”.
  319. Pearl Jam, No Code. “Speaking as a child of the nineties…” Perhaps PJ’s most understated/underrated work,but I love it #albumoftheday. Today’s #albumoftheday is best enjoyed on a Walkman when on a family holiday driving around Lewis. Also, Jeff Ament is an amazing bassist
  320. Radiohead, Pablo Honey. This band used to be a guitar-band. Well, as sung on this #albumoftheday, Anyone Can Play Guitar.
  321. REM, Murmur. Debut #albumoftheday from a very young super-group. Radio Free Europe is right up there with my favourite REM tracks.
  322. REM, Reckoning. Another early offering, with some hints as to the trade mark sounds that emerge in later albums. #albumoftheday
  323. REM, Document. “It’s the End of the World as We Know It…”. What a great finale track. Except it’s at the end of side 1. #albumoftheday
  324. REM, Best of. The IRS best of, that is, up to and including Document. So, maybe their second best best of, but it’s ace. #albumoftheday
  325. REM, New Adventures in Hi-Fi. I rate this #albumoftheday more than most, I think. Although Wake Up Bomb should have been track 1. 2 more REM (tape) #albumoftheday offerings sadly missing: Monster snapped. Automatic for the People damaged by a fire extinguisher. #truth
  326. Runrig, Heartland. Featuring the definitive Highland Clearances track. Take your partners for a Dance Called America. #albumoftheday
  327. Runrig, The Cutter and The Clan. Featuring Alba, Beat the Drum, Rocket to the Moon and Protect & Survive. Sgoinneil. #albumoftheday
  328. Runrig, The Big Wheel. Scots places listed in the (Gaelic) title track:
    1 Steòrnabhagh; 2 Obar Dheathain. In that order. #albumoftheday
  329. Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Staggeringly good double #albumoftheday. Complete nostalgia trip. If anyone needs a ropey cover of Bullet With Butterfly Wings, the surviving members of Blue Movie can help. Top bass line.
  330. Soul Asylum, Let Your Dim Light Shine. I bought this #albumoftheday ages ago. Still ace. Dave Pirner et al (and Butch Vig) on fine form.
  331. Soundgarden, Superunknown. Superalbumoftheday. #albumoftheday
  332. Stereophonics, Word Gets Around. I “reviewed” this #albumoftheday in a high school Computing project. I liked it then and I like it now.
  333. Supergrass, I Should Coco. Irrationally, I always forget how good this band are. Although Gaz Coombes has a daft surname. #albumoftheday
  334. Talk Talk, The very best of (natural history). This #albumoftheday was a random buy inspired by the amazing bass line in It’s My Life.
  335. Ugly Kid Joe, America’s Least Wanted. A (sort of) fixed cassette #albumoftheday. Maybe I should have got it on vinyl, Mr Recordman.
  336. U2, Achtung Baby. My last #albumoftheday, delayed by the cassette tape snapping. Now fixed after much tedium. Worth it though.
  337. One last lastly… Lau, Race the Loser. An #albumoftheday I purchased after L in the alphabetical tour, then shamefully forgot to backtrack to tweet about.
  338. REALLY one last lastly… Seth Lakeman, Freedom Fields. Completely out of kilter #albumoftheday flashback, rediscovered thanks to Amazon Cloud Player. Folktastic.

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