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A year in review: a deer topic for Scotland

Sorry. What a terrible pun. I almost opted for a word formulation involving “deer-ly beloved”, but I thought that might be a bit too twee. Anyway, why am I punning about deer? Or rather, why am I thinking, researching and … Continue reading

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A year in review: some tender reflections on 2017

Don’t worry. Despite this blog post’s title, this is not going to be a romantic or nostalgic reflection on my year. This is a post about a different kind of tender.  Scottish land law and related matters of land policy … Continue reading

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A year in review and the Juridical Review – Commenting on Case and Comment

Many bloggers have a habit of writing a reflective blog post at the end of the year. I am one such blogger. This year, I have some topics that I think merit standalone blog posts. This is a post on … Continue reading

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Scottish Law Commission Report on Moveable Transactions

On 19 December 2017 the Scottish Law Commission published its Report on Moveable Transactions. The Report is in 3 volumes (see Volume 1 (PDF); Volume 2 (PDF); and Volume 3 (PDF)). Volume 3 is in fact a draft Bill, covering … Continue reading

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Land law responses to the sharing economy: short-term lets and title conditions

I have an article in Issue 4 of the 2017 Juridical Review, the law journal of the Scottish Universities. Here is the abstract: Short-term lets of land are not a new phenomenon. In contrast, the processes by which many short-term … Continue reading

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Beneficial interest, controlling interest, and the Land Register of Scotland

On 1 December 2017, a conference was held to celebrate the contribution of Professor George Gretton to Scots law and beyond. Conference proceedings have been Storified by me here. On the day, papers were presented on a variety of topics … Continue reading

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