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If England gets English Votes for English Laws, can Scotland have 72 MPs again?

This is a short, speculative post, inspired by some recent conversation with an English constitutional lawyer. In this post, I make what is traditionally an unpopular argument. I am about to argue for MORE politicians. Please hear me out. The … Continue reading

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Powers old and new: or, land reform hits the headlines

This is a blog in two parts, on the powers of the Scottish Parliament as at: 1) 27 November 2014; and 2) some future date when (or if) the Smith Commission’s proposals are enacted. Powers Old The Scottish Government’s Programme for … Continue reading

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Why I am voting Yes in the Scottish independence referendum

Congratulations, you have read past the headline. I hope you will stay with me for the rest of this post, but I appreciate many people – of either Yes Scotland or Better Together persuasion – have already read quite enough. … Continue reading

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Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry into Land Reform in Scotland

The Scottish Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament has been investigating matters land law reform. This process is operating in tandem with the separate Land Reform Review Group process, originated by the Scottish Government, to which I am an adviser. … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell – Supreme Court Judgment

Today, the UK Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the agricultural holdings/limited partnership/human rights case of Salvesen v Riddell. The decision of the Court of Session has been upheld. The point of law is not simple, and every time … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell at the Supreme Court

Salvesen v Riddell is an important case, not just for those immediately involved with the dispute or indeed for those involved in Scottish agriculture more generally. I have blogged about it before. It relates to a not uncomplicated reform in … Continue reading

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Forthcoming event – Land Reform and Human Rights: What are the connections?

Are you going to be in Glasgow on 27 February? I will, in attendance at The Gathering at the SECC. What is The Gathering? I shall explain by drawing from The Gathering’s website. The Gathering is a place for passionate … Continue reading

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Resorting to Crime

On Thursday 17 January I attended a lecture of the new Regius Professor at the University of Glasgow, James Chalmers. His inaugural* lecture, the beginning of a programme of events for the Tercentenary of the Regius Chair, was entitled Resorting To Crime (PDF). Do have a … Continue reading

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Ruaig an Fhèidh and A1P1 revisited

“The Deer Drive”, to give the English form of the Gaelic contained in this blog’s title, was a nineteenth century event at Pairc on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Landless and impoverished Gaels were moved to take … Continue reading

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That pesky thing called judicial review

Judicial review, eh? I mean, what a bind. Having to deal with NIMBYs getting in the way of capital projects, and all that. Imagine, then, my relief that ‘David Cameron has promised to crack down on “time-wasting” caused by the … Continue reading

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