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TIF at UTG: Take 2.

So, the TIF proposal for UTG is dead, long live the (new) TIF proposal for UTG. Now what? It is a fascinating development. As I blogged previously, I was far from convinced about TIF in its first City Gardens incarnation. … Continue reading

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Reflecting on/in legal education

Mini-blog time, which is essentially me plugging my article on reflection as part of the learning process that is in the online section of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland. If reflective practice in learning and teaching is … Continue reading

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UTG TIF and other TLAs

UTG stands for Union Terrace Gardens, a sunken Victorian garden space in the centre of Aberdeen. TIF stands for Tax Increment Financincing, whereby Local Authorities borrow money using predicted growth in their locally raised business rates as collateral. TLA stands … Continue reading

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Good Morning Scottish Land Question!

On 14 August 2012, I appeared live to the nation on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland”. I shall spare you a blow by blow account of the event, although in fairness I doubt I could manage an account with … Continue reading

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Community Empowerment in Scotland

When I first announced on my Twitter account that I was planning to dabble with blogging, @urbaneprofessor made the useful observation that blogs and Twitter go together like roads and signposts. As much as I like that description, I am about to challenge it with … Continue reading

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Scottish independence/separation: constitutional wrangling meets international law oversight?

The constitutional settlement of the United Kingdom is a tad enigmatic. It was thus before the advent of devolution: I’ll see your peculiarly English sovereignty of parliament and raise you McCormick v Lord Advocate, and all that. The Scotland Act … Continue reading

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Is there a lawyer in the house? Or a law student?

This blog could have been sub-headed: “Can and should law students help address society’s unmet legal need?”, but I feared that might not have been as catchy as my chosen heading. Do please read on, as I will get to … Continue reading

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An academic lawyer

“Ah, but you’re an academic lawyer,” said the man who I had never met before. He was a childhood acquaintance of a parent, introduced to me at the funeral of a distant, elderly relation, but that is of no relevance … Continue reading

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Another person shouting at the internet? Why?

Looks like it is time for the ominous inaugural blog post. Why am I bothering to blog? Is there not enough content on the internet without me throwing in my penny’s worth? Well, quite, but I hope I can make … Continue reading

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