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Law theory test

I started blogging in 2012. I have now cleared 100 posts and a total of 100,000 words. (Yes, I probably could have completed a thesis instead, but there we go.) Before having my own WordPress forum, I had to find … Continue reading

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Summer placement tips for law students

UPDATE October 2014 – Tods Murray LLP went into administration earlier this month. I hope this was nothing to do with my blogging. Happily, I extracted my blog before the Tods Murray website disappeared. Are you a law student seeking … Continue reading

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Students and access to justice

I have posted a new Storify about the place of law students in the access to justice debate. Do go and have a look at what the Scots advocate Niall McCluskey and I had to say to each other on … Continue reading

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The International Client Consultation Competition – a judge’s reflections

On 4 and 5 April 2013, I acted as a judge in the preliminary rounds of the Brown-Mosten International Client Consultation Competition (the ICCC) at the University of Glasgow. What follows is a very personal set of reflections and insights … Continue reading

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Human rights: an #indyref angle

Human rights are a big deal. You should not need me to tell you that, nor should you need a showcase event like The Gathering 2013 to publicise that. Imagine having to choose your favourite right, as per my recent … Continue reading

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Clinical Legal Education: My reflections on the Form and Funding event at LSBU

I have blogged about my interest in clinical legal education and pro bono publico student law clinics a number of times (see here, here and, for good measure, my Streetlaw blog here). A developing interest in terms of my pedagogical study is … Continue reading

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That pesky thing called judicial review

Judicial review, eh? I mean, what a bind. Having to deal with NIMBYs getting in the way of capital projects, and all that. Imagine, then, my relief that ‘David Cameron has promised to crack down on “time-wasting” caused by the … Continue reading

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