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Legal advice, or the lack thereof, about an independent Scotland in the EU

It has been an interesting day for the SNP. Two MSPs have resigned the party whip over a change to the traditional opposition to NATO. The responses to the referendum consultation (regarding the question(s) and the franchise for the referendum … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Aberdeen Law Project:
The ALP delegation with Dame Eilish Angiolini QC at the SULCN launch: (left-right) Ryan Whelan, Anna Robertson, Dame Eilish, Jodie Chandler and Malcolm Combe The Aberdeen Law Project is delighted to announce its…

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The comedian Al Murray has developed several niches in his career, such as his quintessentially English pub landlord or his feckless Harry Hill sidekick. Another niche that he spends some of his Twitter time exploring is #notnews, i.e. stories that … Continue reading

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Land reform: timing is everything

In terms of the Scottish blogosphere, I am well aware I am still something of a start-up. Or perhaps that should be an upstart. Either way, I was delighted that the well respected blogger @burdzeyeview was happy to host a … Continue reading

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Holding a Land Reform Stake

The Land Reform Review Group (LRRG) appointed by the Scottish Ministers has now appointed a raft of advisers. In July it was promised that ten people would be appointed, and those people would have “expertise in areas such as property … Continue reading

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Hype Cycles and Legislation

Have you heard of Gartner Hype Cycles? Technology geeks who stumble across this blog will probably splutter “of course!” in response to this ridiculous question, but law geeks might respond with a polite but confused shrug. I had certainly never … Continue reading

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When a name becomes a human story

What’s in a name? A number of answers could be given, most of which would be context specific. “A rose by any other name…” or other such phrases might be deployed. Writing from a legal context, as is my wont, … Continue reading

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Self-Determination at the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum

Mini-blog time. You may recall I had a previous post on self-determination and its role in any referendum on Scottish independence. I have updated this post and it is now hosted at the rather more salubrious internet address of the … Continue reading

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