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The gift of time? My first Prezi.

I have a presentation to undertake for my PG Certificate in Higher Education this week. I decided to try to put together a Prezi presentation for this. It took far longer than I hoped to do so, perhaps because I … Continue reading

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Resorting to Crime

On Thursday 17 January I attended a lecture of the new Regius Professor at the University of Glasgow, James Chalmers. His inaugural* lecture, the beginning of a programme of events for the Tercentenary of the Regius Chair, was entitled Resorting To Crime (PDF). Do have a … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell appealed to the Supreme Court

Remember that case I wrote and blogged about (on one or two occasions) where legislation of the Scottish Parliament was held to be non-compliant with Article 1, Protocol 1 of the ECHR? Well, news outlets are now reporting that Salvesen … Continue reading

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Good Morning Scottish Land Question: Again!

Here follows my last Land Reform Review Group post for a while, I promise. This morning I reprised my role as land reform radio commentator, with the material available via “listen again” at about the 44 minute mark (until it … Continue reading

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Rocking, rolling and Twitter squatting

I have a post over at Storify, that I am sure is a lesson for an intellectual property law class somewhere. It is about Ginger Wildheart trying to get his name, or at least his alias, as his Twitter Username.

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Revisiting the Scottish Land Question: Again

Tomorrow morning (assuming I set my various alarms effectively) I will be playing land law reform commentator again on Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” programme. The blog of my previous “face for the radio” show being available here. Anyone who … Continue reading

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SPL reform: a thought on the Middle 8

A mini-blog, on a thought that occurred to me in relation to all of this football reform chat that is still doing the rounds in football. Here I draw on some BBC resources. First, the story detailing the proposed 12-12-18 … Continue reading

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Board games? I am a fan

This blog could have been entitled “Community ownership in football – a reply to the Billy Dodds”, but I opted for a play on an headline appearing in the Sport section of the Sunday Herald. Now why would I be … Continue reading

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A response to the LRRG

On 11 January 2013 the Call for Evidence of the Land Reform Review Group closes. With “open access” to the fruits of academic labour in mind, here is my draft response. If you see anything in it that you think … Continue reading

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