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The gift of time? My first Prezi.

I have a presentation to undertake for my PG Certificate in Higher Education this week. I decided to try to put together a Prezi presentation for this. It took far longer than I hoped to do so, perhaps because I … Continue reading

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Resorting to Crime

On Thursday 17 January I attended a lecture of the new Regius Professor at the University of Glasgow, James Chalmers. His inaugural* lecture, the beginning of a programme of events for the Tercentenary of the Regius Chair, was entitled Resorting To Crime (PDF). Do have a … Continue reading

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Salvesen v Riddell appealed to the Supreme Court

Remember that case I wrote and blogged about (on one or two occasions) where legislation of the Scottish Parliament was held to be non-compliant with Article 1, Protocol 1 of the ECHR? Well, news outlets are now reporting that Salvesen … Continue reading

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Good Morning Scottish Land Question: Again!

Here follows my last Land Reform Review Group post for a while, I promise. This morning I reprised my role as land reform radio commentator, with the material available via “listen again” at about the 44 minute mark (until it … Continue reading

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Rocking, rolling and Twitter squatting

I have a post over at Storify, that I am sure is a lesson for an intellectual property law class somewhere. It is about Ginger Wildheart trying to get his name, or at least his alias, as his Twitter Username.

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Revisiting the Scottish Land Question: Again

Tomorrow morning (assuming I set my various alarms effectively) I will be playing land law reform commentator again on Radio Scotland’s “Good Morning Scotland” programme. The blog of my previous “face for the radio” show being available here. Anyone who … Continue reading

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SPL reform: a thought on the Middle 8

A mini-blog, on a thought that occurred to me in relation to all of this football reform chat that is still doing the rounds in football. Here I draw on some BBC resources. First, the story detailing the proposed 12-12-18 … Continue reading

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