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Winds of change? Crofting, community and renewable energy development in the Hebrides

This is a blog (sign)post, directing to another blog post that has just been published over at the School of Law at the University of Aberdeen’s blog. Needless to say, I wrote yonder blog post. The legalities of it made … Continue reading

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Some reflections on the “Land reform in Scotland: legal, historical and policy perspectives” #AbdnLand event

This is a blog post offering some personal reflections on the public lecture and conference held at the University of Aberdeen on 25 and 26 August 2016. This programme was probably the first big-ticket academic/practitioner get-together that “I” organised “myself”. … Continue reading

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What is happening at Colstoun Mains? Land reform and agricultural holdings in microcosm

Martinmas is the latest of the four Scottish quarter days in the calendar year. It might not be a day or a date known to many – by statute it falls on 28 November – but those involved in Scots … Continue reading

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Land Reform Review Group Interim Report

Four months after the ultimate deadline for responses to the Call for Evidence of the Land Reform Review Group (LRRG), the first tangible output of the LRRG has emerged in the form of an Interim Report published on 20 May 2013. Also … Continue reading

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Labour towards land reform

The Scottish Labour Conference 2013, and particularly Johann Lamont MSP’s speech thereat, attracted a fair amount of coverage in the Twittersphere, blogosphere and the press. Here is my tuppence worth on one very specific aspect. Lamont’s speech was critiqued in … Continue reading

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Giving away an island: Part 4 (and other land reform stories)

That Scottish land question, eh? No-one seems to be able to answer it once and for all. In fact, what was the question again? Anyway, leaving that [huge] question to one side, you may recall I blogged about giving away … Continue reading

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Ownership, Land and Fitba

Imagine the scene. You are in a café. You have bought a drink. Your friend suggests you should not drink it. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because he is a fan of the drink. Your friend, … Continue reading

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