Coimisean Fearainn na h-Alba – Ainm Gàidhlig: sin e

Mar a sgrìobh mi anns a’ bhlog seo, tha clàsan anns a’ Bhile Ath-leasachaidh Fearainn mu stèidheachadh Coimisean Fearainn na h-Alba.

An-dràsta, chan eil feum air eòlas Gàidhlig a bhith aig ball CFA, agus a-nis tha e coltach nach bi feum air an seo. Thug Aileen McLeod, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, fianais seachad gu The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee air 2 an t-Samhain.

Fhreagair i ceist bho Angus MacDonald BPA mar seo.

Angus MacDonald:

The evidence that we have received indicates that there is broad support for the appointment of commissioners who have wide knowledge of and expertise in the sector. However, can you confirm for the record that there will be a requirement that at least one of the commissioners is a Gaelic speaker? Also, how will the views and expertise of people in diverse sectors be taken into account as they are fed in?

Aileen McLeod:

The Scottish Government fully recognises that the Gaelic language is an integral part of Scotland’s heritage, contemporary culture and national identity. The members of the Scottish land commission will need to have a broad range of expertise and the bill requires the Scottish ministers to have regard to the desirability of the commission having expertise or experience in land reform; law; finance; economic issues; planning and development; and environmental issues. That is a non-exhaustive list, and nothing in the bill bars ministers from taking into consideration other areas of expertise when they appoint land commissioners or the tenant farming commissioner through the public appointments process.

Once the Scottish land commission is up and running, it will have regard to the national Gaelic language plan, and it may wish to appoint a Gaelic speaker as a member of staff.

Sin e, ma tha.

Ach nam biodh moladh bhon Chomataidh agus reachdas bho Phàrlamaid na h-Alba ag iarraidh cuideigin le eòlas Gàidhlig is dòcha gun taghadh CFA dìreach sin.


I have noted before that there is a strong argument that any new Scottish Land Commission should have explicit commitment to Gaelic. The extract of the Official Report above suggests that no such commitment will be included.

So that is that.

(Unless, that is, The Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee were to recommend that there actually should be a requirement and the Scottish Parliament passed legislation accordingly, rather than leave matters as they are.)

Further analysis of why I remain of the view this would be a positive step is available at this BBC Naidheachdan story (Gaelic).


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